About khelo365 Poker

Check the critical point about the portal in the table below.

Year of foundation2014
khelo365 poker licenseIssued by iTech Labs
Supported currenciesRupees
Supported languagesHindi, English 
DevicesMobile apps
Customer support Email, phone number, live-chat option

Pros and Cons

  • The platform offers a wide range of the top poker game types.
  • You can enjoy playing on the go using mobile applications.
  • The khelo365.com site’s interface is simple and understandable.
  • Various bonuses and tournaments are available.
  • The interface supports only English and Hindi languages.
  • You may place deposits and withdraw winnings in rupees only.

khelo365 Poker Promotions

khelo365 Poker Promotions

The platform offers various promotions for newbies as well as regular site users. The khelo365 team constantly updates and refreshes promotional programs to keep a high level of involvement and attract new clients to the portal. Below, you can see the available promotions at the time of writing. You can visit the khelo365 com site and click on the “Promotions” buttons in the header to get the relevant info on this topic.

Welcome bonus

If you are a newcomer, you may claim a sign-up bonus that provides you the following options:

  • 10% of an instant bonus.
  • 190% of a locked promo.

Moreover, you are able to earn a Daily Depositors Freeroll that is currently about 30,000 rupees. To be able to use this promo, you should place the first deposit of at least 100 INR without inputting any bonus codes. The locker bonus requires you to earn 100 VIP points.

Special promo codes

The platform allows you to use the khelo365 promo code while placing a deposit. Currently, you can use two main types of promo codes. 

  1. If you place 10,000 INR (the minimum required amount) or more, you may count on getting the 10% moneyback of the bonus funds. To be able to do it, you should use a code in a special box while claiming the promo.
  2. In this case, you should place at least 25,000 INR to be able to get a cashback of 20% of the bonus money. If you want to activate this option, you need to type in a promo code.

Keep in mind that in both cases, you get cash-back in special VIP points.

Sun Downer

If you want to activate this promo, you should go to the khelo365.com download page to get an app or visit the web version of the platform. After that, you should make a buy-in of at least 110 rupees and start playing one of the available poker games. After that, you can make a rebuy and add-on for 100 INR. In this case, you can count on winning an additional 10,000 INR guaranteed prize pool. This option takes place on a daily basis at 6 PM.

TDS Free

Unlike most Indian gambling platforms, khelo365.in does not implement the special 30% tax for all winnings which exceed 10,000 rupees. It means you feel free to transfer the whole amount of winning funds without paying this tax. 

Speed Cashout

This promo is available for all registered users of the khelo365 portal. This option allows you to credit money to the bank as quickly as possible. To activate this bonus, you should make a cashout request of a minimum of 2,000 rupees. Unlike the khelo365 sign up bonus, you can use this reward multiple times. Along with this, you are restricted from activating it more than three times per day. Also, this promo does not allow you to cash out more than 100,000 rupees per day. As for timing, you can check the relevant data in the description of this bonus on the official website.

Ticket Unlocker Bonus

This is one of the most widely-used bonuses from the current khelo365 review: you can use it while playing any type of poker or cash game on the platform. To activate the bonus, you should specify the code while depositing funds. After that, you get a special ticket that will be credited to the tournament you are going to take part in. Then you should check that you meet all VIP-point requirements.

Khelo365 Poker App

khelo365 Poker App

The platform offers various options to play not only via web versions but also from the mobile device on the go. Currently, you can go to the khelo365 free download page and get an app to launch on devices operating on Android and iOS. The app’s interface is easy-to-adapt and intuitive. It is in not overloaded with animation and navigation buttons, so you can get to the required section in a couple of taps. Thanks to the optimization, khelo365 apps are not resourceful and do not cause lags or freezes of your device. Though the platform’s team constantly improves the khelo365 app, so you could launch it on almost any mobile device. 

Devices and Software Compatibility

Android devices

Software compatibilityVersion 4.0 or higher
Required space on-device storage Approximately 69 MB
Available devicesMost models of Xiaomi, Samsung, Acer, Motorola, LG.

iOS devices

Software compatibilityVersion 9.0 or higher
Required space on-device storage Approximately 70 MB
Available devicesiPhone 4s-6siPad mini-iPad Pro (12.9-inch)

How to Download the khelo365 Poker App?

In order to get the app, you should go to the official khelo365 app download page via your mobile device, PC, or laptop. Then, make the following steps.

  1. Find and click on the “Poker app” button in the header of the website
  2. Scroll down the opened section till you can see two links. The first one allows you to get an app for Android, and the second—is to download the application for iPad or iPhone.
  3. If you are going to get an app on an iPad or iPhone, then the system transfers you to the appropriate page on the AppStore. There you can start downloading the software and then—installing it like in the previous case.

If you are an Android OS user, then you can download the app directly from the website. After clicking on the appropriate button, the system transfers you to the khelo365 download apk section, where you can save the installation file on your device. After that, you just launch it and follow simple installing instructions.

Creating an Account with khelo365 Poker

Creating an account is a must-have step because only registered users may access all available games on the portal. So, to create an account, you should do the following.


Go to the official website via mobile device, PC, laptop, or tablet.


Click on the “Login” button in the upper right corner of the header.


After that, the system offers you to use khelo365 login and password to open an already existing account or create a new one. You should select the second option.


To get started, you need to specify the relevant phone number, enter the promo code (if any), and click on the “Sign up” button.


In a couple of seconds, systems send you a verification code on the mentioned phone number. You need to input it in the appropriate box and proceed further.


Now, you can type down your name, surname, country, address, and email to complete creating the khelo365 new account.

After registration is completed, you should make the next step—account verification.

How khelo365 Poker Verifies Your Documents

The platform allows the uploading of various documents so you can prove your identity. For example, there may be a passport, driver’s license, utility bills, ADHAR card, etc. You can upload these documents directly from your private account by clicking the “Upload” button in the appropriate field. Account verification is the key step because only verified clients can get access to the khelo365 withdrawal and deposit options. As a rule, the verification period does not take much time, and you receive the response within a couple of hours. Be ready to send photos with the front and back sides of your credit cards. This is because bank card transfer is the only way to withdraw money.

Poker Variations at Khelo 365?

Poker Variations at Khelo 365

The portal provides gamblers with all top-notch and popular types of poker games. Get an insight about them below.

  1. Texas Hold’em. This game implies the usage of a 52-card deck only. Currently, this poker variant is recognized as the most popular on online gaming platforms in the world. A maximum of nine players can take part in the game. You can try your luck in this game via the khelo365 app or directly from the browser. At the start of the game, all players receive two face-up cards. After that, the dealer lays five more cards on the table face down. This is followed by the flop, turn, and river stages when the cards are opened one by one to all players. The player’s task is to collect the top winning combination of five cards using both hidden and open cards. There are four rounds in the game, and they begin with the playing of hole cards from the small blind.
  2. Pot-Limit Omaha. Omaha is the second most popular type of poker on the platform. In turn, pot-limit Omaha is the most commonly played Omaha variant. You can get an app from the khelo365 download page or use a web version to play this game. In order to win and get the pot, the player should make a combination of seven cards, as in the case of Texas Hold’em. The players get four hole cards, which are dealt after each hand. To make a combination, players use open and two of four closed cards. A distinctive feature of this type of poker is that the amount of the bet cannot exceed the size of the pot. 
  3. Open Face Chinese. You can launch this game directly from the khelo365.com website or using your mobile app. This is a kind of poker that is not as common as the previous two options. However, more and more online gambling platforms are adding it to their arsenal of games. At the beginning of the game, players receive five cards. They are placed in the front, middle or back hand in any way possible. According to the khelo365 rules, during the subsequent round, players receive one card, which they place on any of the available hands. This process continues until all participants receive 13 cards.
  4. Texas 6+. In this case, gamblers play with a deck of 36 cards. To do this, all cards that are under six are removed from the regular deck. Each player receives two closed cards in their hands. After that, the dealer puts five open cards on the table. After that, the player needs to collect the best combination of five cards. The system immediately credits winning funds on your khelo365 account. In this type of poker, there can only be one blind per round. Also, keep in mind that the flush beats the full house in this game. Plus, ace, 6, 7, 8, and 9 are considered the “straight” (regardless of the suit).
  5. Reverse Hold’em. You can play this game using the web version or via the app after getting it from the khelo365.com download page. This type of poker is similar to Texas Hold’em, but the difference lies in the type of cards dealt. At the beginning of the game, players receive two personal cards. After that, the initial round of betting begins. As soon as the bets are made, the dealer opens only one common card (flop). After that, the second round begins, and so on. During the final round, all gamblers who did not fold reveal their hidden cards. The winner is the one who collects the best combination of two personal and five open cards.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Deposits and Withdrawals

On khelo365.in, you can explore various depositing options, which are aimed more at the Indian gambling market. At the same time, you can withdraw funds only via bank transfers.

Deposit Methods

Deposit methodLower limitUpper limit
Visa or MasterCard100 INR50,000 INR
Netbanking100 INR50,000 INR
Amex100 INR50,000 INR
Electronic wallets100 INR50,000 INR
Cash cards100 INR50,000 INR

How to Withdraw Your Earnings

Withdrawing methodLower limitUpper limit
Linked bank accounts only100 INR100,000 INR

Rake and Rakeback on khelo365 Poker

Along with various bonuses, promo codes, khelo365 exchange options on partner sites this platform offers rakeback of up to 30% on a daily basis. If you proceed to the appropriate page of the khelo365 website, you can see the tables, which can help to calculate possible rewards depending on your stake types. For example, if you go to the khelo365 exchange page and pick the 10/20 stake type and get from 3,000 to 7,000 points, you can count on a 5% rake-back. At the same time, if you choose the same stake type but earn more than 40,000 bonuses, your rake-back is already 30%. Currently, the platform offers five tables. You do not need to enter any promo code to be able to use the rake-back option.

Tournaments at khelo365 Poker

Tournaments at khelo365 Poker

The platform provides several tournament options, which are constantly updated. The relevant ones are described below.

Windfall Tournament

This event allows is the most lucrative tournament of the current khelo365 review. It allows you to get big prizes while paying relatively little buy-ins. Currently, this promo consists of several separate events, and the most popular of them are described in the table below.

Name of the eventEligible poker typesBuyin amountGDT
Windfall 5No-Limit Texas Hold’em/Omaha Poker5 INR plus 0,5Max. 2,000 plus buy-in amount
Windfall 20No-Limit Texas Hold’em/Omaha Poker20 INR plus 2Max. 2,000 plus buy-in amount
Windfall 50No-Limit Texas Hold’em/Omaha Poker50 INR plus 5Max. 2,000 plus buy-in amount
Windfall 100No-Limit Texas Hold’em/Omaha Poker100 INR plus 10Max. 2,000 plus buy-in amount
Windfall 200No-Limit Texas Hold’em/Omaha Poker200 INR plus 20Max. 2,000 plus buy-in amount
Windfall 500No-Limit Texas Hold’em/Omaha Poker500 INR plus 50Max. 2,000 plus buy-in amount
Windfall 1000No-Limit Texas Hold’em/Omaha Poker1000 INR plus 100Max. 2,000 plus buy-n amount

Dominator Texas Poker

This tournament comes with a maximum of 5 re-entries and allows you to get about 50,000 INR guaranteed pool prize. You can join this tournament every weekend on Sunday at 9 PM. All you need to do is to get an app on the khelo365 download page or log into your account using the web version. To start the tournament, you should play a 500 INR of a direct buy-in or get a locked ticket and deposit 6,000 INR. Do not forget to fill in a promo code. To be able to unblock the ticket and get money, you should earn at least 125 VIP points within 30 days after blocking the ticket. Note that all tickets you got for this tournament, you can not use on other events.

Re-Raise Deep Stack

Tournament is available every Saturday and allows you to get a guaranteed prize pool of 2,00,000 INR. Like in the case of the khelo365 sign up code, you should specify the following combination while claiming: RERAISE. To join this event, you should provide a 2,200 rupees buy-in. Also, you can get a free ticket by placing a deposit of 12,000 rupees. To meet the requirements, you should collect at least 550 VIP points during the 30 days after getting a ticket. If you use a free ticket, then you should enter a bonus code.

Primetime Tournament

This is another event that you can reach using the khelo365 apk or web version of the platform. You can join it every week on Friday at 9 PM. If you win, you can get up to 30,000 rupees of a guaranteed prize pool. To become a participant, you should place a buy-in of at least 500 INR.

Hitman PLO

This tournament also allows you to get a guaranteed prize pool of 30,000 rupees for playing Omaha Poker. The tournament is available every week on Thursday at 9 PM. To start, you should provide a buy-in of 500 rupees. This tournament is available from any mobile device. To do it, follow the khelo365 download apk page and install an app. Also, you can join it from the web version or your desktop client.

6 Feet Under PLO

This tournament is open every Wednesday at 9 PM. To join it, you should place 330 buy-in (re-entry) and start playing on Ohama Poker tables. The guaranteed prize pool f this tournament is 25,000 INR. 

Trident Freeroll

You can join the khelo365 freeroll event every evening at 10 PM and win up to 30,000 rupees. To get a free ticket to the event, you should place a deposit of at least 200 INR and enter a promo code. Those gamblers, who got a free ticket, should collect more than 40 points to be able to unblock it.

Mega Splash

This tournament is available only for Holdem Poker tables. You may join it every Saturday at 9 PM by placing a 1,650 INR buy-in. As khelo365 freeroll, it supports re-entries and allows you to get up to 1,00,000 INR of a prize pool. Another way to join it is to place 10,000 rupees and get a free ticket. In this case, do not forget to input a promo code. To be able to unblock the ticket, you should collect at least 400 VIP points within 30 days after creating a ticket.

Under the Gun

To get access to the tournament, just use your khelo365 login and password, open your account and find this option among offered. You can take part in this tournament every Tuesday at 9 PM. To become a participant, you should provide a buy-in of 330 rupees (re-buy/add on) and start playing on any Omaha Poker table.

Quick Freeze

To join the tournament, you should go to the khelo365 app download page to get the application or log into your account via the web version. This tournament allows you to get a prize pool of 10,000 INR. It is available every week on Monday at 9 PM. To enter the tournament, you should deposit at least 220 rupees as a buy-in. You may join this tournament from your mobile app, desktop client, or via web version.

Big Bang

This event is available on a weekly basis: every Sunday at 8 PM. The guaranteed prize pool of this tournament is 1,00,000 INR. To get access to the event, you can make a buy-in of 1,650 INR. According to khelo365 rules, the second way is to get a free ticket after depositing 10,000 INR. In the second case, do not forget to input a code. After getting a ticket, you should get at least 400 VIP points to be able to unblock it. Do not forget to do it only within 30 days.


The khelo365 poker portal cooperates with various software providers, which create casino entertainments (mostly poker games). Among them, there are K365 Web Assets Pvt Ltd, Digient, Mobzway Technologies LLP, AIS Technolabs, EvenBet Gaming, etc.

Is khelo365 Poker Licensed and Certified in India?

Is khelo365 Poker Licensed and Certified in India

khelo365 withdrawal and depositing methods, available bonuses, and affiliate program mechanisms are fully legal in India. At the same time, there are several regions where its operation is restricted by law. Among them, there are Assam, Telangana, Orissa, Gujarat, etc. The whole list you can find in the Terms and Conditions section. The portal has a certificate issued by the iTech Labs resource. It means that all games and the random number generator are checked regularly.

Security and Fair Play

The khelo365 APK and web version offer advanced security options. For example, the portal supports SSL protocols and advanced encryption security with 128-bit keys. The website provides a reliable level of protection for all financial transactions, so you should not worry about man-in-the-middle attacks and data leakage.

Customer Support

The platform offers several ways to contact the customer support service. If you face technical or financial issues, which require quick resolution, you should use the khelo365 customer care number (+917200077220) or the live chat option. You can find the appropriate button in the lower-right corner. After clicking on it, you should specify your problem and click the button to send a message. There is no need to type in your nickname, email, etc. This option is available 24/7, and after sending the request, you can get a response within a minute. Another option you can find on khelo365 com is to drop the message on the email address ([email protected]). As a rule, you can get a response to your email within 24 hours.

Summary: the pros and cons of playing on khelo365 Poker

The khelo365 Poker platform is a handy and easy-to-use portal that offers a lot of gaming options and different tournaments to join. The platform’s reward program allows you to use the khelo365 sign up code, get bonus money or try other promotions. Platform users can select among various depositing options and experience relatively low required limits. At the same time, the portal supports only bank transfers to withdraw funds. One more drawback is that the platform’s interface supports only English and Hindi languages.


Is khelo365 a legal platform?

Yes, this portal operates fully legally and has a certificate from iTech Labs. Also, various independent licensees regularly test the khelo365 sign up bonus and other promotions, available financial gateways, check its random number generator, etc.

Can gamblers have more than one account on the platform?

No, this option is restricted because the system sticks to the “one person-one account” rule. In case of a violation, the portal’s team can block the main account and annulate all winnings.

Does the platform have a desktop client?

No, the khelo365 does not allow you to download a desktop client. At the same time, you may visit the web version of the portal and enjoy all games available.

What types of currency does the khelo365 support?

Currently, you can deposit funds and withdraw winning in rupees only. The main reason is that the portal is oriented mainly toward the Indian gambling market.