Gamblers recommend counting cards. It is especially important if the dealer uses 2 or more decks. Here you could understand the way to play and to find the best tactics. Even kids can use online soft in demo mode. You just should:

  • Choose the platform.
  • Choose the Blackjack slot.
  • Make the first bet.
  • Start playing.

There are several advantages of demo mode, these are the following:

  • no need to create an account;
  • no need to spend money while playing;
  • getting experience;
  • studying rules;
  • reason for studying the slot to know how to count cards;
  • no age restrictions.

So, everybody can play blackjack online for free. Even children can do it. Try to use a demo to find weak points of the slot. It’s a great opportunity to earn real money and decrease risks.

Note. Indian casinos propose to play in English and in Hindi in 2021. Moreover, you can use American dollars or Indian rupees as the general currency.

Game With Real Money

Gamblers can do this if they are older than 18 years old and they have created an account in a casino. Casinos propose to register using different ways. Gamblers can bet real money after the registration.

Note. You have to write down your real data to avoid problems with getting money.

You should make several steps to start playing in the commercial model:

  1. Choose the platform.
  2. Log in to the system.
  3. Deposit money if it is necessary.
  4. Choose the slot.
  5. Make your bet and start playing.

Note. All casino newcomers get some bonuses. They are free spins or free bets. Moreover, you can also use a promo code to get more greeting money. But it is impossible to ask about the payout before you will bet the bonus. The casino administration will deny the transaction after checking it.

You should use the most trustworthy websites that have positive reviews. These companies offer support 24/7, they have a lot of financial partners to let you deposit and withdraw money and such organizations don’t have problems with payouts. Let’s read about houses with blackjack.

Casino Room

The organization was launched in 2005 and it has several real advantages. So, this is an international company and every newcomer is given great bonuses. It can be spent in any slot of the company. The monthly limits of withdrawing are 30,000 euro and that is a great amount. Many positive reviews online about the house prove that it is a good place to play. Support works 24/7 and it is easy to solve any question if it is necessary.


There are over 1,000 online slots including the blackjack. Gamblers like the casino’s interface because it is clear. Moreover, you can use the mobile soft to get pleasure while playing at any place you like. 

22 bet casino

There are a lot of slots and other gambling soft. You can also play here in live mode. It means you will see the game process via IP video surveillance in the casino and everything would be synchronized on your screen. 


The company offers to withdraw money in 72 hours only! There are over 2,000 slots and the odds to win are the same in the demo and commercial modes. Support works 24/7 but you can connect with specialists via the special form only. You couldn’t call then to discuss everything fast.


It is a great company with excellent bonuses. Gamblers can get up to 90,000 rupees for registration.

Users can play via the mobile apps for iOS or Android, mobile or desktop version of casinos sites. The interface is user-friendly everywhere and the manipulation process has been adopted in compliance with the type of gadget.


№ 1
Parimatch Casino
Bonus for the first deposit ₹105,000
  • Fast payments
  • Qualified support
  • Slow withdrawal speed
Read review
№ 2
Melbet Casino
INR 155,000 + 290 free spins
  • Fast and secure transactions
  • Support giant amount of the payment methods
Read review
№ 3
PinUp Casino
₹450,000 + 250 FS on your 1st deposit
  • Many available payments services
  • Clear process of deposit
  • It takes time to withdrawal your money
Read review
№ 4
Betway Casino
Get up to ₹90000 bonus!
  • Lightning-fast transactions
  • Secure Payments
Read review
№ 5
Jeetwin Casino
100% welcome bonus up to INR 10,000
  • Supports popular Indian Payments
  • Easy to replenish
Read review
№ 6
Bons Casino
Welcome bonus to 200% on First Deposit
  • Friendly for Indian players
  • Easy to withdrawal
  • Small amount of world-famous payment services
Read review
№ 7
JungleRaja Casino
Deposit bonus of 100% up to ₹10000
  • Fast transactions
  • Support popular Indian payments
  • Lack of unknown payment methods
Read review
№ 8
1xBet Сasino
100% Welcome Bonus up to ₹20,000
Read review
№ 9
4rabet Casino
100% first deposit bonus up to ₹20,000
Read review
№ 10
1xSlot Casino
No Deposit Bonuses
  • A giant amount of different payment services
  • Support conventional Indian payment methods
  • Deposit process in a bit complicated
Read review

How to Play Blackjack Online

There are several types of blackjack online with real money, and they all can be divided into 3 global categories:



The rules of the game have been creating for 300 years. Gamblers believe that it is the original game. It is still developing and there are a lot of nuances.



It is the main opponent of the European game. Americans like to simplify everything. The blackjack was transformed too. In this case, the army of fans could increase. There is no need to study the rules for a long time. Just sit and play, all features you could know during the process.



It is a mixture of the versions above and just a few casinos offer the Spanish version.

Note. Rules can differ in compliance with a number of decks and available combinations. The number of decks depends on the odds and the necessity to surrender in different cases.

Rules are rather easy. Gamblers should collect 21 points with several cards. But it is possible to do not always. So, if nobody could collect 21, the winner is the person who could get more points. Collecting over 21 means you lose.

Card value is the following:

  • from 2 to 10 according to the number of the card;
  • cards with pictures (J, Q, K) are 10;
  • ace can be 1 or 10.

Note. All gamblers play against the dealer only. So, if there are several winners, the bank should be divided among every winner.

The gambling session has several steps:

  1. Every game participant gets 2 cards.
  2. All the participants of the gambling session should check their cards and declare if they have 21 points.
  3. The dealer shows the card and checks the blackjack. Then gamblers are proposed to purchase insurance. If gamblers agree to do that, they still get money in spite of a fact that the dealer could win.
  4. Gamblers check their cards too. The dealer proposes to pay before the checking but the payout would be less. So, it is the analog of insurance.

If nobody uses insurance, the winner gets 3-2 odds. If you use the feature, your payouts will decrease.

There are some options, which are used by gamblers during the session.

  • Doubling Down. That is the chance to increase your win. It is better to do if the odds are rather high. There are some blackjack strategies online that can let you understand when you should double down your bet. So, you will get only 1 card and nothing more. If you double down, you have to put the same number of chips near to your bet. Never put it above the original bet because it can be thought that you solved to change the bet. It is forbidden by rules.
  • Splitting. This feature lets you divide your cards into 2 different hands. In this case, you must add money as your bet. Then the dealer will give you 2 cards: 1 card for 1 hand.

Read the rules attentively to know all features of the current game. Blackjack is developing and houses propose new options to make the gambling process more interesting.

Blackjack varieties are:

  1. Double attack. A gambler can double his bet after viewing the dealer’s card. The feature lets start with a minimal bet and double it if you are sure of your victory. Moreover, gamblers can bet that dealer will lose after getting the 3rd card. The payout depends on how much the dealer goes over 21.
  2. Blackjack switch. Here you get cards for both hands. So, gamblers have to bet with both hands. However, they can switch one card from one hand to another. It increases your chance to get the necessary combination. Moreover, split is still working here.
  3. Super fun 21. Here you can split and double down more hands than in the original blackjack. The Maximum number of hands is 4. Moreover, it is possible to surrender after doubling down. In this case, gamblers can save half their bet. Many Indian houses propose the rules and gamblers use the features to win money.

Sure, you can find other features that make the process more interesting. So, read the rules to know everything and to increase your odds. Rules can be read in English or Hindi in Indian houses.

How to Win

Using some tactics can increase your odds automatically. The blackjack online tips are really useful. Just follow it to play and get pleasure.



Use different platforms and modes. The game is rather fast, and you shouldn’t spend a lot of time while remembering the score of any card or some points of rules. So, play till you could do everything automatically.


Avoid insurance

Many gamblers like the opportunity but it decreases your payouts. Sometimes it is better to risk and everything money than to spend it on insurance.


Study some strategies online

Everyone can read it online and there is no need to write it here. The information will tell you how to win and how to count cards.


Some players start with soft hands and finish with hard games after attacking.

Try to avoid hard hands because you couldn’t count Ace as 11, but only as 1.


All professional players recommend splitting cards if you have Ace or 8.

The rule is required for execution to increase your odds and its effectiveness was checked by many gamblers.


Read the rules to know all the features


You have to avoid short payouts

Online companies use the rule seldom. Newcomers can lose their money if they don’t know the tip.


Don’t follow the advice of others

Everybody is interested in getting money. It is like sports, that’s why you must know how to make the solutions while the gambling session and what strategy would be the best in the current case.


Don’t make huge bets if your bankroll not very big

Blackjack is a durable game. That’s why you should calculate and control your bankroll. Many gamblers separate it into different parts. Just read about it online.


Choose trustful soft

Several manufacturers are focused on card games. They use a random number generator to guarantee fair play. These manufacturers are Evolution Gaming, Net Ent, Ezugi, Playtech. Sure, you can use soft from other companies too, but these are the most trustworthy.

Perhaps, it is better to choose video blackjack because the rules and odds are higher than in a live casino games. The system rules the process and it is easier to guess which card will be the next one.

Best Bonuses

Modern online casinos offer different bonuses for clients, and the loyalty program is a real motivation to follow the registration. The information about the gifts is written on the main page of casinos. Casinos offer such gifts as:

  • free spins and bets;
  • cashback;
  • doubling down the first deposit;
  • gifts during promo actions;
  • bonuses for the activity.

It is possible to spend it at any online slot but you can’t withdraw bonus money before betting. Read the information on how to get gifts on official sites. Casinos like active gamblers and some of the companies give special gifts. So, there were precedents of presenting tickets to Las Vegas to play in land-based houses.

How to Deposit Money

Every online casino has some financial partners to let gamblers deposit money. People should have some money to make bets. Gamblers can put money via:

  • bank card;
  • bank account;
  • e-wallet, including cryptocurrency.

It is necessary to keep in mind that the bank commission fee will depend on the method of transaction. Moreover, the time of getting money is different. Usually, the payment is done in several minutes but it can be realized during 24 hours in some cases.

How to Withdraw Money

If you have enough money to withdraw it you should do the following:

  • log in;
  • press the button to withdraw money;
  • choose the way of getting money (don’t forget about the limits and bank commission fee);
  • write down the payment data;
  • confirm your action.

Then you can check the transaction status. Usually, gamblers can get their money in several days. Based on the practice, online casinos don’t pay in cryptocurrency however they can get money this way. The reason for it is the absence of a feature to check the name of a person, who is about to receive money. But gambling companies can payout to their clients only. If the account owner is another person the payout should be denied.

Indian gambling law is rather difficult. Some gamblers avoid the game due to some nuances. While reading the law, you will know that it is forbidden to play it in live casinos. But foreign casinos are possible. The company should be launched abroad and the license also should be from other Nations.

As for land-based casinos, it is illegal. But Indian companies could find the solution and they propose playing by ship. So, gamblers should purchase tickets for the ship with a casino inside. When they are in international water, they can play legally. The feature is rather popular in India and many citizens and tourists follow it to get pleasure.

What are the most trustful online casinos in India?

You can use the platforms are mentioned above. There are also other trustful casinos. While choosing the house you should focus on the address. You can’t play legally in Indian land-based casinos. Just read special reviews online.

How can I play blackjack online?

Gamblers can use PC or any mobile gadget. There are desktop and mobile versions of casinos. Moreover, most companies offer to download mobile apps for any operating system. The commercial version applies after the registration process. Many casinos confirm that over 70% of their clients use mobile apps. It is convenient and you can make bet anywhere.

Who can create an account in a casino system?

Just people over 18 years old with a passport and mobile phone can create an account.

Should I surrender early?

It all depends on the rules and on your cards. It is necessary to read the rules attentively because many houses don’t let surrender early. There are some cases to surrender and save half of your bet. We recommend you read about it online.

Should I use some strategies while playing?

Definitely, yes. Read about it online and solve what to follow. The choice of strategy depends on your skills, bankroll, and personal preferences. Try to avoid high bets in the beginning. While choosing an online slot you have to look at the minimal and maximal bet.

So, blackjack is a popular gambling game. Every online casino proposes to play it. There can be different rules and it is better to read them before starting to play. Many users like live blackjack because the house can’t affect the game process. But experienced players insist on video blackjack because the soft follow the system. Choose the platform, then choose the soft and make your bet.