The Mega Millions lottery is becoming a thing in India. They are all conducted and regulated by governments. It is for this reason lotteries have become widely known in many Indian states. Besides, it is worth emphasizing that this kind of game accelerates economic growth.

Exactly for you, we offer a review of the US Mega Millions lottery on our website, which allows you to win impressive jackpots, and even gives you the opportunity to own a sports team.

Here you can find out and choose the right lottery to purchase tickets. Be sure that when you win the prize, the lottery will immediately notify you of this great news and send the money to your account without any commission.

Play With the App on Your Mobile

You can easily access the Mega Millions lottery using your portable devices and browsers. However, it is worth bearing in mind that some operating systems have certain differences and advantages. So it all depends on which device you want to install the app: Android or iOS.

Most apps for iOS are installed using the official App Store, a benefit that is not always available for Android. If you do not own an iPhone, you can always play the lottery by installing the APK.


Even though users prefer Indian websites that will be comfortable and with quality efficiency, you also need to pay attention to promotions and offers. Due to such privileges, many gamblers can save a large amount of money to buy a few more tickets for greater chances of winning.

Discounted offers

This is a fairly frequent and available bonus on every site that gives you a 10% to 20% discount. To become eligible for this promotion, all you have to do is purchase a certain number of tickets;

Mega Millions lottery ticket for free

This rarely happens, but you may have a real opportunity to get this privilege at the best gaming sites. To do so, you need to buy a certain number of tickets, which varies from 7 to 10;


This kind of promotion is one of the best, as it guarantees its users a 50% refund. Cashback has become quite relevant after fixing the constant attendance of certain players;

Welcome offers

They are usually given in the form of deposits or sign-up bonuses. After a player makes his first deposit or purchases a ticket, they immediately receive a reward on account. It is worth emphasizing that these funds cannot be withdrawn, so they remain just a good addition for further purchases;


You can subscribe because this function keeps track of the number of tickets you purchase during the week and month. This allows you to get a discount faster.


On our website, you will also learn all the necessary information about ensuring safety.

You don’t have to worry because all SSL data encryption gives you full protection of your personal and payment materials. You can only access them using your login and password.

If you want to see a list of transactions, you can open “My Account”, because they are all recorded at the source. In case of certain difficulties, the user can always ask for help from the support service.

The Main Ways to Cash in

Once you’ve learned the basic rules of gameplay, it’s time to get to know about the main ways to pay for tickets:

  • Various cryptocurrencies are gaining more and more popularity because while you use this kind of payment method you are given a minimum deposit amount and a quick transfer of funds;
  • You can use the method of direct transfer of funds from your bank or vice versa. But it is necessary to consider that this way can demand some time depending on the day of the week. Do not forget that you can pay in rupees as well;
  • Do not forget that you have the opportunity to use debit cards to make payments;
  • Electronic wallets have recently become quite popular. Such applications as PayPal, Paytm and UPI are the most well-used among them;

Guidance for Using

If you’ve ever wanted to experience the big draws at the international level, you can always play the lottery of India. The wide range of websites of 2021 on this list gives you a great opportunity to win Megamillions lottery jackpot and other prizes. You don’t have to worry because playing the lottery is easy enough. But if you don’t have any experience in this gaming environment, then take a look at the tips and the instruction that will help you understand how to play Mega Millions lottery:


Register on the website;


Check all the bonuses and make sure they are available and you will get them;


Сlick on the game you have chosen;


Top up the minimum amount;


After the above points, fill out the ticket forms. But keep in mind that there are cases when information is filled in automatically or accidentally;


Next, you will need to specify the numbers manually on the conditional grid to further generate it;


Confirm your purchase by entering your account information on your account;


Once you’ve placed your order, you can follow the results on your page.

5 + 1Jackpot1:302,575,350
4 + 1$10,0001:931,001
3 + 1$2001:14,547
2 + 1$101:693
1 + 1$41:89
0 + 1$21:37

Ticket Information and Prizes 

Lotteries are held regularly. If you manage to match six numbers, then you can win an average of 4 to 5 rupees.

Also, don’t forget that Mega Million Lottery USA runs a draw that gives you an opportunity to win a great jackpot. On average you can get 42 rupees if you alone can guess six numbers.

Due to the fact that this kind of game is very popular and played by a large number of Indians, the Mega Millions lottery ticket price consists of 40 rupees.

Helpful Tips for Users

  • We recommend you always check your email, which can provide you with a promo code for further bonuses that can save you some real money;
  • You can buy a lot of tickets and get a discount;
  • To make sure that you don’t have trouble with your identification, read the information carefully when you sign up;
  • Think about taxes first before you play;
  • It is safe to play if you have extra money;
  • Be careful if the letter is accompanied by various writing mistakes, or if the person contacting you doesn’t speak English well.
  • Choose a lottery game that suits all your preferences and odds;

How to Check the Results

You can always see Megamillions lottery results updates online. All you need to do is compare the numbers below with the numbers of your tickets. All results are posted immediately after the lottery or a draw, so you can find out if you were the last big winner. You need to check the results on Tuesdays and Fridays.If you want to be constantly informed about the results, you can receive the information to your email, or you can install an app on your mobile device to view the corresponding Megamillions lottery numbers wherever you are.

The Difference Between the Games

Many users wonder about the difference between the games because there are so many of them. Right here you will briefly learn what the difference is between the two of the most current lotteries.

  • Mega millions is the lottery in India that is held every week. The basic rule is to find 6 numbers that will match. The first 5 numbers are chosen from 1 to 70 and the final number is chosen from 1 to 25. If you are also interested in trying it out, you need to check the results on Tuesdays and Fridays.
  • Powerball is the weekly famous lottery. They have been known to split $1.5 billion between three players recently. This happened in one drawing, which usually takes place on Saturdays and Wednesdays (10:59). 

For more accurate information, check the table of Mega Millions vs Powerball:

Mega Millions Powerball
Drawing datesTuesday / FridayWednesday / Saturday
The main guessing rowFrom 1 to 70From 1 to 69
Additional numberMega BallPowerball
Additional guessing rowFrom 1 to 25From 1 to 26
Initial jackpot$20 million$20 million
Record-sized jackpot$1.537 billion$1.586 billion
Jackpot payout ratios1:302,575,3501:292,201,338
Prize categories99
Multiplier factorMegaplierPower Play
Highest multiplication factor10х

The legality of the Mega Millions Lottery in India

You do not have to worry about it because playing a foreign lottery in India is legal. While preparing this article, we have studied in detail all the information about online lottery gaming agents. Be sure that due to constant checking and regulation, all the lottery sites are licensed and meet all the necessary security and privacy requirements.

The main indicators of a high-quality lottery site are the support that is provided by the service, their level of reputation, and the presence of a certain number of winners.

You should pay attention to the fact that the best lottery game sites give out prizes without any commission payments. Everything is quite simple: you need to buy a ticket and find out your lottery result. In case of a win, you can transfer the funds to your bank account or someone else’s e-wallet.

What is the average cost of a ticket in India?

On average, each entry costs ₹300, and the jackpot level is much higher. In Mega Millions, the jackpot usually opens at ₹250 crores.

Can several people share a prize?

Yes, you can. Such a question should be discussed when receiving a prize. However, remember that there are some restrictions, so contact the lottery agent where you purchased your tickets.

Is it possible to claim jackpot winnings anonymously?

It depends on the law of anonymity, some lotteries require you to give the name of the winner. You will need to consult the service for this.

Is there any way to participate in the US Mega Millions in India?

You can partake in the lottery and select your numbers online. If you want to know more about it, you should read the information on the “How to Play” page.

How will I know if I’ve won Mega Million Lottery USA?

You don’t have to worry about that, as our site regularly checks the results and notifies its customers immediately by email. Therefore, always check the information that comes to your account.