The main characteristic of Andar Bahar is the fact of its uniqueness despite its extreme simplicity from first sight. It has been able to attract the attention of many gamblers for several centuries, and with the development of modern casinos in the online sphere, the popularity of the game will definitely not fade for the nearest time. According to the rumors, the exact origins of the game are unknown, but there are many thoughts about it being created on the territory of South India. Nowadays it is popular all over the world in certain circles and finds new and new fans who want to get to know it too.

Play Andar Bahar online for real money

Starting to play this game is very easy and doesn’t require any additional effort to prepare. All you need is to enter the “Andar Bahar app” in the application store or “play online Andar Bahar” on the PC, and you get access to the server which provides an opportunity to try yourself. If you are confident in your skills and luck, you can start to play for rupees or any other currency right away, in other cases the demo-version is introduced – there you have an opportunity to play for free without spending your money and using an unlimited deposit shown in the upper corner. It is also a great possibility to think over your personal winning strategy and switch to the live game as an experienced and confident player. The website is usually available in many language variations, like English, Hindi, or any other you feel comfortable with.

How you can start playing in Andar Bahar online real cash game

You should keep in mind just one thing – only adults who have officially come of age and passed the website’s verification are able to play for real money in online casinos. Other than that, there are no restrictions in playing, and you can freely start the game on the platforms like the ones listed further. Each has its own peculiarities and bonuses, so you should be careful while picking one to play.

№ 1
Parimatch Casino
Bonus for the first deposit ₹105,000
  • Fast payments
  • Qualified support
  • Slow withdrawal speed
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№ 2
Melbet Casino
INR 155,000 + 290 free spins
  • Fast and secure transactions
  • Support giant amount of the payment methods
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№ 3
PinUp Casino
₹450,000 + 250 FS on your 1st deposit
  • Many available payments services
  • Clear process of deposit
  • It takes time to withdrawal your money
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№ 4
Betway Casino
Get up to ₹90000 bonus!
  • Lightning-fast transactions
  • Secure Payments
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№ 5
Jeetwin Casino
100% welcome bonus up to INR 10,000
  • Supports popular Indian Payments
  • Easy to replenish
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№ 6
Bons Casino
Welcome bonus to 200% on First Deposit
  • Friendly for Indian players
  • Easy to withdrawal
  • Small amount of world-famous payment services
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№ 7
JungleRaja Casino
Deposit bonus of 100% up to ₹10000
  • Fast transactions
  • Support popular Indian payments
  • Lack of unknown payment methods
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№ 8
1xBet Сasino
100% Welcome Bonus up to ₹20,000
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№ 9
4rabet Casino
100% first deposit bonus up to ₹20,000
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№ 10
1xSlot Casino
No Deposit Bonuses
  • A giant amount of different payment services
  • Support conventional Indian payment methods
  • Deposit process in a bit complicated
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There are way more casinos that support online playing, but the most advantageable for a player are the ones that stay on the top of such lists. You can also try other options, but keep in mind that they are less reliable and always check the reviews which come out for them.

How to play the game properly

For playing in the online Andar Bahar game app there is no need to involve any chips or special tables – only the deck of 52 pieces is required. During the process of the game there is no need even in getting the cards in the hands, as the main goal of the game is to place the right bet on one of the sides – “andar” on the left and “bahar” on the right.

After placing the bet the dealer places the first card which gets the name of “Joker”. The game ends when there appears the one with the same value as “Joker”.

The cards get shuffled before each dealing, which makes the process more unpredictable and exciting to watch.

The main rule says that black suits are placed on the left side, while the red ones are put on the right side.

The dealer will continue to put the cards until there will be the first one with the corresponding value.

If the winning side gets the first dealt card, then the bet is paid according to the coefficient of 0.9 to 1. Otherwise, if the winning side doesn’t receive the first turn, the coefficient changes from 1 to 1.

You can also be allowed to place an additional bet before starting the round of the game. In such a case you can try your luck in guessing the right suit or value of the winning card, which adds some extra excitement and makes you observe closely the events happening on the playing table. If you don’t want to risk, then it is easy to skip this step and move on to placing the main bet.

How to win when playing the game online

As the game doesn’t have much choice when betting, there is only a fifty-fifty chance of guessing right on the side which allows you to win. There is always a possibility to switch to a demo game and try to use the tips or to think over a winning strategy that guarantees you enough confidence for getting your jackpot in a real game. The main online Andar Bahar tricks say that it is highly recommended to skip the additional bet until you get ready for it, but in case you feel it is not enough for you, choose wisely so as not to lose everything at once.

The best bonuses for Indian online game

The possible list of bonuses introduced by the platforms mostly includes the welcoming gift that allows you to spend more time getting acquainted with the game features. They can be divided into three categories:

Deposit doublingDepends on the first replenishment sum and has a certain limit, usually up to 50 thousand rupees, to which the bonus works.
Free spinsMostly used as an addition to doubling and is referred to as slot machines rather than games with complicated mechanics.
Deposit bonusAlso usually goes together with doubling and offers a certain fixed sum which is transferred to your in-game account.

Each type of bonus has its own advantage and allows to prolong the joy from the first involvement into playing casino online. But you should keep in mind there might be a category or certain kind of game for which the bonuses may not be withdrawn.

The deposit/withdrawal possibilities in available online casinos

The exact list of payment and withdrawal methods may vary from one platform or another, but the main list usually includes:

If you have several activated ways of payment, then it is recommended to replenish and withdraw your money not through the banking systems, but the electronic transfers, as they take less time to be available on your account. It is also better to use the same payment system for both types of operation, so as to keep the transactions in check. The systems of the casino happily accept many types of currency, including rupees and so on.

In most parts of the states, casinos and all the activities connected to it are considered to be situated in the gray zone – they are not prohibited legally, but nor they are accepted by the law. The only officially opposed state in India is Maharashtra because of its kind of mentality, as for the others, they can freely access the favorite games placed on the websites of online casinos. In any case, no one is prohibited to use a specialized online Andar Bahar app that helps to overcome the possible obstacles, so, despite the boundaries, you can still get away to play from any place at any time.

What kinds of bets there are in the shown game?

There are three of them: one main and two additional of them. The first one allows you to pick the side on which the winning card will appear – by the way, the coefficients of winning may be a bit different depending on the position of the final one – the other two will give you a possibility to make a bet on the suit and value of the “Joker”. If you don’t want to place any other bets besides the main one, you can just skip this step and proceed to the game.

Is there a need for any special equipment for the game?

The only thing you need during the game is a deck of 52 cards and nothing more. No chips or tables with special marks are required, so you can freely play even live, but for creating the authentic atmosphere of a casino it would be better to enter any such site or choose the live deal offered by some casinos.

Where can you play for real cash?

Almost any modern casino allows a user to get acquainted with such a game type as there is offered in Andar Bahar. Moreover, nowadays the games with certain cultural patterns gain more and more popularity among the gamblers who got tired of the classical rules and restrictions. Even conservative casino platforms now add several games which are able to get some attention and vary the experience of possible players.

Is winning possible for the common player?

Yes, as the game provides clear fifty-fifty chances of winning, and only the additional bets can make the situation harder for the player. If you feel any kind of doubt, there may be a connected system named Provably Fair which allows you to trace the winning odds and ensure that the system is fair in relation to its player, as the analyzed data can easily show the possible scamming.

How can I get my money from winning?

There are many possible ways for withdrawal, which include both classical banking systems and electronic wallets, and it is preferable to use the latter, as in such a case the money will arrive on your account much faster. Some platforms offer just several hours for withdrawal, and for some, it may take several days to send the winning amount of money.

Is it legal to play this game online?

Mostly it is a gray zone of discussion, so in general, you are allowed to play on the casino platforms, except for one state in India, but you should be rather careful. Even if there appears to be any problem with access to it, modern mobile technologies will still let you play freely no matter when or where.