If you know how to throw the dice and bet on them, you can consider yourself a full-fledged player of a world-known casino game – Craps, the online version of which neither requires skills nor any strategy incorporation. And besides that, this is the only table pokie (in web and land-based venues) that has the lowest house edge (1.4%)! The origin of this table game isn’t known for sure, yet there is certain evidence that a game very similar to Craps was played as early as in the Ancient Roman Empire. Other traces lead to Middle Age Arabia and England. Nevertheless, it was at the beginning of the 1700s that Perre Remond de Montmort, a mathematician from France, outlined the formal rules of the game now known as Craps in the gambling world. 

How to Start Playing Craps Online for Real Money

If you are thrilled with this pokie and looking to enjoy it online, you’d better find the most dependable and effective software available in India. Here we have separated the top venues to try Craps online in India. These venues provide a chat function (so that you can interact with other bettors) and a multi-player option:

This way your Craps gambling experience won’t lose the special feeling of camaraderie. 

Once you have chosen the platform to play Craps online for free or with cash in India, sign up for an account. You will be requested to provide certain personal information (name, contacts) and verify your account through the email letter. After having deposited in our player’s account, you become ready for a game of Craps Online for real money:


Click “Start” to launch the game;


Once the game connects to the server, it will open;


Place your bet (we shall present all possible bet types later on);


Tap/click Roll to begin playing.

The Craps online table is the first thing that a player meets and instantly gets intimidated. The same happens in ground casinos. Just imagine a huge table with a quite complicated layout surrounded by a bunch of bettors and as many as four dealers. The gameplay includes a man with a very long stick that helps place bets at the table! All this makes it look really hardcore. 

With the online version, players can get a great relief since they get a much different feel. The social aspect is missing here, and you don’t get the whole fun of throwing dice accompanied by encouraging exclamations by other bettors. The rolls are all simulated and the random number generator calculates your “throws.” 

To see how the Craps is played online, check the basic rules. 


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Craps Online Rules

Before we describe how to play video craps online, you should get aware of the table structure. All tables at this game have the same layout. It is a rectangular-shaped table with two absolutely identical theme-correlated sections and a central one.

  • The Puck (a small disc) with On/Off written on both its sides signify whether the Come Out was already rolled out or not (On);
  • The self-service areas on both side sections - you bet on Pass Line, Don't Pass, Come, Don't Come, Field;
  • The central section with:
    • Any 7 - you bet for the next 7;
    • Any Craps - you bet on 2, 3, or 12;
    • Hardways - several precise bets on a hard number.

The Craps bets are various but the primary ones are the Pass Line and Don't Pass Line. The first bet means the sum of the two dice you roll is either 7 or 11, while in the case of the second bet that sum must be 2 or 3. If you score 12 you get a draw and your bet is refunded completely. But if you roll out any other number, the game will go on and another round will start for bettors to place their wagers. 

Whether you play Craps online in Hindi or English, there are certain terms that do never change. Here are some that you will most likely come across: 

  1. Hot Streak - the shooter who throws a couple of winning rolls in a single row;
  2. Parlay - the process when you decide to repeat the wager on the same bet placing the previous winning;
  3. Natural - if you get a 7 or 11 during the come-out roll and it brings an immediate win to Pass Line bettors and the shooter;
  4. Point - a specific number set on the come-out roll (from 5 to 10);
  5. Wrong Bettor - if a player makes a Don't Come or Don't Pass wager thus betting against the shooter;
  6. Crap Out - if the shooter gets 2, 3, or 12 during the come-out bet, both the player and the Pass Line bettors lose at once.

Basic Bets in Craps 

The game of Craps online for real money features various possible bets. Here is a complete breakdown to keep at hand:

Multi-Roll Bets
Pass vs Don't PassThese bets presume wagers either against or with the dealer during the come-out roll. The first wager brings a win once the outcome is natural, and it loses when the shooter craps out. With the Don't Pass bet everything is just the opposite. 
Come vs Don't ComeWhen the point number gets established you can bet with the player after the come-out roll and this will be the Come bet. In this case, whether the player wins or loses determines your win or loss. The second bet is the same bet yet against the shooter.
Lay OddsIf you place a wager against the point right after a Don't Pass bet, you are Laying Odds. 
Free OddsThe casino doesn’t benefit from these bets. They are paired with Pass, Come, or other bets.
Place BetsIf you wager on a certain number (4 to 10), it’s called a Place Bet. There is no limitation on when to make such bets and they can be freely raised, lowered, or even removed whenever you wish. 
Buy Bets These are fairly like Place Bets with the difference in the house edge. Besides, you can place a Buy Bet only on a single perspective point number. 
HardwaysThis is a very risky bet that we wouldn't advise since it's made on one dice roll that may result in a hard number - a number consisting of matching numbers on the two dice. 
Propositional/One-Roll Bets
Hi-Lo Otherwise known as 2 or 12 on 12 (also called boxcar) and 2 (also called snake eyes). To win in this bet you need to get either of these numbers.
The FieldIf you are sure (or maybe not so) that the next number to roll out will be 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12, and you bet on that number it's called betting on The Field.
Any Craps Also referred to as Three Way, this bet implies wagering on the shooter to roll out a 2, 3, or 12 during a come-out roll.
Any 7This is a one-roll bet on a combination worth 7 (irrespective of the combination).
BoxcarsThis is a simple bet on a result worth 12.
Horn/Horn HighThe first bet is much like 11 Bet with the difference in that it's placed after the come-out roll (with numbers 2, 3, 11, or 12). The Horn High doesn’t differ from the Horn one, except that it’s a double bet. 
Ace DeuceThis is a wager on an outcome of 3, obviously made up of a Deuce (2) and an Ace (1).
World/WhirlThis is a combo bet which not all casinos provide. It unites the Any 7 and the Horn Bet. 

How You Can Win Playing Craps Online

Next time you will be playing Craps online in Indian venues, there are some tips to use to increase your odds of winning. Here are our expert recommendations: 

  • Start it easy (with Pass and Come bets) and don't rush to complex wagers. Remember that the come out bet has the lowest edge around 1.40% and, respectively, you have great chances of winning it;
  • The odds for online Craps bets may differ from live casino to casino, so always compare before you stop at any gambling site;
  • Choose and use a strategy that will work the best for you;
  • Refrain from placing Big 6 or Big 8 bets no matter how attractive they look on the Craps table cause they will just suck your money against a miserable chance for a win;
  • Always avoid Proposition Bets, as they have the highest house edge of all;
  • Remember to collect any win you get or it will be parlayed into the next roll;
  • Set a budget and stick to it, avoid betting more than your budget allows. 

Best Craps Bonuses for Indian Gamblers

From iGambling venues to mobile sites and apk files, punters in India are free to enjoy Craps Online anywhere. And if there is no specific bonus created particularly for playing craps, quite many decent venues come with welcome offers to newcomers. Here we have separated several most attractive ones you will most probably find generous:

  • Betway Live Casino offers a 100% match bonus for up to INR 90, 000 with 30x wagering requirements;
  • Europa Casino gives away a 100% match bonus for up to INR 7, 000 + INR 168, 000 with a 30x turnover;
  • Casinoin offers a 100% bonus for up to INR 200, 000, yet 50x wagering is required here;
  • Shangri La offers Indian punters a big 200% match bonus for up to INR 10, 000 with a 35x turnover;
  • Melbet Casino suggests a 100% match bonus for INR 140, 500, yet the necessary rollover here is 40x.

How to Deposit Money into Craps Online 

Craps is one of those casino games that plenty of people prefer to play free, just for fun. But nowadays, with the evolvement of online casinos, it has become far more beneficial to choose real money when enjoying Craps online. Play with rupees and win big! There's no such concept as depositing money into Craps. Instead, you just fill your player's account, launch real money Craps online in a dependable gambling site in India, and then make a deposit in the game. While there are various means of depositing money in India like bank cards, digital wallets, wire transfers, and even SMS, e-wallets remain the recommended variant. If you stick up with this recommended variant, here are the steps to strictly follow:


Be certain your e-wallet has the necessary amount of money on it to place a deposit at an online casino;


Get to the Cashier section in the gambling site and choose the preferred e-wallet as a payment means;


Fill in the form with the required data and set the amount of money you want to deposit;


Process the payment and go back to the cashier of the casino to check if the funds have arrived (normally it's completed in seconds).

However, if you want to try depositing through an SMS form, we have a detailed guide here:

  1. Navigate to the Cashier section of the website;
  2. Pick the phone option from the available ones;
  3. Insert how much money you want to deposit;
  4. Enter your phone number;
  5. Verify the payment through the text message sent to your phone;
  6. After the confirmation, the funds will lay on your player's account and you will get another text message with the confirmation details. 

How to Withdraw Money from Craps Online

Unlike in the case of cashing in at the venue to enjoy Craps online, withdrawing money is a bit more difficult. You see, most banks operating in India won't let money transfers from sports betting and gambling establishments. Therefore, we'd strongly recommend you stick to the idea of withdrawing your wins to an e-wallet. For this, follow this instruction:

Go to the banking section in the online casino you're playing at

Choose "withdrawals"

Select the withdrawal method you want to use (your e-wallet operator, in this case)

If you haven't verified it yet, do that now

If you haven't verified it yet, do that now

Enter the amount and click "Withdraw"

Depending on the casino, you will get your money within several business days

Craps is one of the casino chance games that Indian punters are fond of. The game is totally legal in the country and is widely offered at most gambling sites. Overall, the rules remain the same, yet there might be certain differences in the odds and some bets. 

Can I deposit with Indian Rupees?

Yes, it’s absolutely possible to play Craps online with rupees as long as the casino accepts this currency.

Can online craps be rigged?

As long as you are in a licensed casino, the game is sure not to be rigged.

Which bet in craps is the best?

There are no best bets cause craps is a game of luck. Yet, Pass and Come bets have the highest odds of winning.

Can I play craps for free?

Yes, typically, iGambling venues the demo version of craps to play and practice before turning to real money gambling.

How can I play craps and win?

As such, there’s no solid strategy to win in Craps. This is a chance game. You should just stick up with the recommendations described above to increase your odds of winning.