There are many online lottery games in India in 2021 and it is necessary to know more information about them. They are placed on different platforms online. Only gamblers over 18 years old can play. People do like lotteries because the odds are rather high. One may spend only several rupees and wait for a big success. Some lucky participants can win millions of rupees. So, it’s time to know more about this kind of game in India today.

How to Play Online Lottery Games

Online lotto games have always been popular in India. Gamblers can play legally in most of them. Tickets are bought via website or apk file on tables or smartphones for betting. Gamblers should know all nuances of lotteries to understand how to play and what is necessary to do to increase odds.

Online lottery games in India are rapidly growing. Tickets can be bought immediately. National lotteries are more popular than regional ones because the jackpot is much bigger, and there could be more winners. So, if 5 gamblers could win, the $1,000,000 jackpot would be divided between them all, and everyone could get $200,000. As for the regional lottery, there can be only 2 winners. 

To play online lotteries in India, one needs the following conditions: 


Internet access;


Smartphone, PC, or a tablet;


Some money to make a deposit;


Reliable lottery provider.

As a rule, all lottery websites operate both in English or in Hindi. Indians like playing online due to the following reasons:

  1. Low expenses;
  2. Real chance to win a lot of money;
  3. Many stories of great success;
  4. Many companies that offer live lotteries;
  5. Different ways of withdrawing money.

Lottery founders try to make their services convenient. They make different interesting offers to get new customers.

Play Online Lottery Games in India

How to choose the right provider

Many Indians play lottery games because they like to choose numbers, while others just want to earn some money. There are also professional players, who hunt for the jackpot. So, if you want to join them, here are the basic steps to play the online lottery in India:


Choose the platform.

Below, you will find trustworthy companies that offer different lotteries in real-time. However, you should focus on several nuances while choosing the platform. Keep in mind the jackpot, ways of withdrawing, number of lotteries, its rules, and reviews. It is better to read reviews on several websites to get the best lottery and to find the key to the victory.

select the convenient provider.

Registration via a website or a mobile app.

People over 18 can play lotteries. People can’t purchas e tickets if they are not in the system of the company. The process of registration is simple. Just write down the personal data in compliance with the passport. Then it is necessary to set up a password. Fast registration is available in some cases. Gamblers can synchronize their gadgets with the system and write down the empty pools manually.

registration on the platform

Deposit money.

Casinos and bookmakers offer different ways to do it. They have several financial partners and gamblers can use a bank account, bank card, or E-wallets. The commission fee depends on the financial partner. The first deposit doubles down for all newcomers but the limits of doubling down are different in every company.

deposit money.

Buy a ticket, mark numbers, and get the result.

The money will be credited automatically in the case of a win. Read the rules carefully. You will find some hidden features that are not used by many customers.

Trustworthy lottery platforms in India

Overall, Indians can play more than 40 lotteries. Hence, newcomers can be in a difficult situation because of choice. Below you will find several trustworthy lottery companies.


The company offers cheap tickets and many lotteries. It is possible to play in an online casino in India and make bets for sports as well. There are convenient payment methods, nice bonuses, and a user-friendly interface for both the website and mobile app. The only disadvantage is the absence of the Syndicate lottery.


Offers over 60 lotteries, several currencies, excellent support, and a fast mobile app. There are several financial partners. According to some reviews, the interface can be a little bit difficult for understanding.


provides many international lotteries and financial partners to make a deposit. It is an online casino and a bookmaker at the same time. Customers praise its user-friendly interface and quality customer support.

Lotto 247

Offers several international lotteries and many ways to put money into the account. In addition, the company provides an amazing loyalty policy. 


Also has many interesting offers and opportunities to win a  high jackpot.


distinguishes itself from other companies by offering guides for newcomers. Besides, the company’s website and mobile app have convenient interfaces.

Try to avoid PlayIndiaLottery, Bhagyalakshimi, PlayGoldwinLottery. Those companies do not have a gambling license. Moreover, many people placed negative reviews. They mark that they were banned without the feature to withdraw their money.

Note. Tickets are bought via a website or a mobile app. Many companies offer to use mobile soft. It is convenient! Some companies offer to deposit via cryptocurrency E-wallets.

There is also one more lottery type. People should purchase a subscription to get a ticket per day or per week. There is a fixed price and the company sells a ticket automatically. Money is taken from the customer’s bank account. It’s convenient because people don’t need to waste time while purchasing tickets. Everything is automatic. All wins are credited back to the bank account.

Rules of Online Lottery Games

Every lottery is unique and gamblers should read rules to know all the nuances. Here you’ll find information about local and international lotteries and their rules.

  1. Companies use special soft to arrange several lotteries on one website in compliance with international law. It means that people with registered accounts can purchase tickets.
  2. The distributor provides e-tickets to a reseller and the latter one should give them to customers.
  3. The distributor sends money to the reseller after the lottery round is finished via bank transfer. The reseller gives money to winners.

The rule also applies to off-line lotteries. As a rule, each round of online lotteries takes only several minutes and then starts again. So, it can be over 100 lottery rounds per day.

There are several advantages of an instant lottery:

  • One should just pay several rupees to start playing;
  • Large jackpots;
  • The game takes 1-3 minutes only;
  • There is no need to spend time and buy a ticket somewhere.

The game has several steps.


Step 1.

Gamblers should purchase tickets and choose numbers.


Step 2.

Step 2. Registration of your ticket. If everything is done correctly, the ticket will take part in the next game.


Step 3.

Getting results. If you have winning combinations, you will definitely win some money. The more numbers you predict correctly, the more money you will win.

Note. Some lotteries also offer a risk game. In this case, gamblers can increase their prize but they will lose money as a result of a wrong answer. The super game can be different, everything depends on the company.

How to Win Online Lottery Games

There are tips on how to play online lottery games for real money and win more often. The tips are published on different platforms by experienced gamblers. Here we list the best of them:

  1. Think about the odds. National lotteries offer fixed odds of winning and it can be troublesome since many people play it. If there are several lucky people, Winners should divide the jackpot. Hence, try to play regional lotteries. You couldn’t get a lot of money but the odds are higher.
  2. Cooperate with other people to get more tickets. That’s a good practice when several people pay some money for lottery tickets. All wins should be divided among the participants. In this case, you can increase your odds without wasting a lot of money.
  3. Don’t forget to check your ticket. Many people don’t take their money because they forget about the ticket. Try to avoid the mistake to win more often.
  4. Use second-chance lotteries. It’s easy to find lotteries with a second chance. If you lost the common game, you should turn over the ticket and follow the rules of the current lottery. The greatest second-chance prize has been over $120,000.
  5. Analyze the numbers. A good idea for gamblers is to look for the most popular numbers over the past several months. The information should help to understand the lucky sequences. Many people don’t believe that this method works and claim that lotteries are random. Don’t tell it to mathematicians! 
  6. Try to buy several lottery tickets. Professional lottery players advise buying over 50 tickets to get a real chance to return the money and get even more.
  7. Choose unpopular numbers. Most people use numbers before 30 because they choose their birth dates and anniversaries. Instead, try unpopular combinations.
  8. Use a wheeling system. Gamblers should identify the hottest numbers. For instance, hot numbers are 1, 10, and 21. So, choose tickets with the numbers +/-3.
  9. Use a quick pick option. About 60% of winners use this system.
  10. Many companies offer to choose numbers automatically. Sometimes, letting the program think instead of you can be a good choice.

Note. You can find more strategies online and try them on different platforms. All companies claim that they use a random number generator and the result can’t be predicted. Does everything depend on your luck? Check it out!

Best Bonuses for Online Lottery Games in India

Every company offers different bonuses to attract new clients and to make them active by playing lotteries, gambling games and making bets for sports. However, customers should study all the aspects of the bookmakers’ offers. Let’s look at the loyalty system of the most popular companies in India.

  1. The sign-up bonus for registration. Usually, some money gets added to the account.
  2. Free bets, free spins, free tickets. Just read the rules of using it and ways of withdrawing money.
  3. Cash drop or some money to try the features of the website. It is available for newcomers and inactive gamblers. This is a way to make people bet again.
  4. Cashback. Every week people refund part of the money they have lost.
  5. Discounts. Bookmakers offer it to customers for the activity. The number of discounts varies from 10% to 70%.
  6. Doubling down the first deposit. The feature allows getting more money while depositing. The maximum amount of doubling down depends on the company.

Note. Information about bonuses remains in the public domain. It is impossible to withdraw bonus money immediately, but gamblers should win it back. The feature to do it can be different. So, read the rules of withdrawing bonuses to avoid some problems.

There is one more bonus type. Promo codes allow gamblers to get different bonuses like money or free bets/tickets. There are personal and general codes. People can find it on different sites. Most of the codes are available during some period of time. If people don’t activate it, they cannot get a bonus.

Companies also offer promo actions when gamblers can get different bonuses and gifts. It is necessary to read the actions’ conditions to know how to get the prize.

How to Deposit Money in Online Lottery Games

Gamblers can use different ways to deposit money. Obviously, they should have enough money to play online. Let’s look at the ways of depositing.

  1. E-wallets. Every company cooperates with several financial operators of this type. All transactions are instant. The system uses modern secure payment gates. The greatest advantage of e-wallets is the absence of commission fees. However, some companies demand the commission and its amount is written for every financial partner. So, people can choose the best variant to deposit.
  2. Crypto-wallets. Some lottery providers allow cryptocurrency to make a deposit. It is necessary to read details about such transactions to avoid some problems.
  3. Bank cards. All lottery providers allow the use of VISA and MasterCard to deposit money. It is convenient and safe because the financial partners use the most powerful security system and all transactions are instant. Moreover, gamblers can get different bonuses in compliance with the conditions of the banking product.
  4. Bank account. In this case, it is necessary to fill the special form and to wait for several days for the transaction to be done. As for the bank commission fee, it depends on the current bank and the lottery.

Note. Bank commission fee should be paid by the customer. If the account currency is different, it would be necessary to pay for the conversion fee as well. Everybody recommends using the national currency in both cases to avoid extra expenses.

Sometimes there are problems with transactions. If a gambler can’t get the money for several hours it is better to connect with customer support. Specialists work 24/7 and they are ready to study the situation and tell what to do in each case.

People should follow the instruction to deposit money:


Log in to the system.


Click the button “deposit”.


Choose the way of depositing. There is available information about the minimal amount and the commission fee.


Write down the amount.


Check the bank account.


Confirm the action. A new SMS will be received. There would be numbers that should be written in the special pool to finish the payment.

When the transaction is done gamblers can purchase tickets or play gambling games.

How to Withdraw Money in Online Lottery Games

According to the law, only real people can withdraw their money. That’s why they should write down their real data during the registration. Moreover, they should pass verification. In this case, it is necessary to give a photo or a scan of one of the following documents:

  • valid passport;
  • both sides of the credit card;
  • any other document with a photo, name, and address.

Specialists of the support team should check the information. If everything is correct, they will let to withdraw money.

Note. It is possible to withdraw money to the personal account only. That’s why cryptocurrency wallets are not available. Customers cannot also provide accounts of the third parties because such transactions will be denied by the lottery administration.

There are several types of money and it is necessary to know what is possible to get.

CashLiquid money that can be used in any way
BonusMoney that was deposited as a bonus due to promo code or promo actions
Total BalanceThe sum of cash and bonus

So, you can withdraw just cash. The bonus should be won back before you will get a chance to get it too. The way of winning back can vary in compliance with the promo action.

Every company has its own limits to minimal and maximal withdrawing per day, week, and month. They depend on the current financial partner and it is useful to know if you need to get a lot of money. The cost of a transaction also can be different and it depends on the way of withdrawing.

To withdraw money, you should follow the instruction:


Log in to the system and click on “bank” or “cashier”.

Some browsers will offer you to check the site’s credibility to avoid scammers.


Choose the way of payout and write down the amount.

It is possible to withdraw cash only. If you will write a bonus balance as well, the transaction would be denied automatically.


Check your bank information and press “withdraw”.

Then you should confirm the action.

If you can’t get your money for a long time, you should connect with customer support. Specialists will check everything and tell you what to do to resolve the problem.

The basic law that made gambling games illegal in India was signed in 1867 (except games of a chance like betting and lottery). However, the XIXth century law cannot regulate all the nuances of modern lotteries. Right now, the Indian government cannot resolve this problem, hence many people remain unsure whether they can play the lottery or not.

Another law of 2000 has also made some online casinos illegal, yet it has plenty of nuances. Many casinos still use it to operate on the Indian market and offer their services. There are bets, gambling games and lotteries that do not violate this law. Besides, many Indian states legalized lottery games in 1998.

Moreover, foreign lotteries are absolutely legal in India. Based on the practice and reviews, there are no problems with withdrawing money.

According to Indian laws, people can play gambling games of different ages: some of them are available from 18 and others from 21. Some people try to scam lottery administrations about their age but the responsibility for it remains serious. The administration will decline the payout and will inform the police. Criminal and administrative responsibility applies for the attempt to play the lottery for people under 18 years old.

What states let play lottery legally?

13 Indian states allow to play any lotteries, all of them are considered touristic states. However, while living in other Indian states, it is better to choose foreign lottery. In this case, they won’t break the law.

How to find the best lottery?

Every company has its advantages and disadvantages that’s why it is necessary to read reviews on different platforms. Try to use the moderated platforms. It’s better to focus on several nuances: licenses, ways of depositing and withdrawing, commission fees, the jackpot amount, and lottery rules. Above you will find several trustworthy companies that offer great lotteries. Those organizations provide many bonuses and boast credible financial partners.

Where to buy a ticket in India?

Yes, it is possible to do this while using the account in the lottery company. A player should have enough money to get access to all the features of the lottery site or app.

Are there bonuses for newcomers?

Yes, there are different bonuses for newcomers and for active gamblers. Just read the conditions of winning back to get a chance to withdraw the bonus. Some companies use the system of points. Players get points for every action and they are given some gifts after achieving the new level. There is no need to sign a special agreement because every gambler with the account automatically becomes a member of the program.

How to win the lottery?

It’s easy to find strategies that allow you to increase the odds to earn money. Many people believe in their efficiency but all bookmakers claim that they use random numbers generators. That’s why it is impossible to predict the result. In any case, people like to think that there is a system. Try to use one of the strategies to check its efficiency.