Gambling is a great opportunity to spend time with pleasure and make money. In the casino, you can enjoy a luxurious atmosphere, an unforgettable experience, and experience excitement and risk. And many will support you. But many of those who like to gamble, of course, wondered if casinos are legal in India, if online casino legal in India, and if there can be any punishment for visiting casinos. It’s great that you asked such questions, because if you are a lover of gambling, then it is important to know the laws in this area. And we will help you answer your questions.


Before you read our article, please be aware that we are not lawyers. The information in our article is based on thorough research, but we are not entitled to give a legal opinion. We tried to study a lot of quality material in order to honestly answer your questions, but if you are interested in expert opinion, then you should contact qualified lawyers for advice.

History of Gambling Law in India

Nevertheless, we have some information and are ready to share it with you. The fact is that the laws in India, especially in this area, are extremely complex, at least for the reason that many of the Indian laws are a huge number of years and they have not undergone any adjustment over the centuries. The same goes for gambling and sports betting laws. Once in India, casinos, gambling and betting were very popular, but when Britain took over India, everything changed. The British decided to impose their ethics and culture and banned gambling and betting, all casinos were closed. This led to the Indian government introducing a law banning gambling and betting in 1867 and has not been revised since then.

The Current Situation With Casino legality in India

As for today, all types of gambling and sports betting are subject to control in India for the purpose of making a profit. The exceptions are horse racing and the lottery. The power of the state looks at this law differently. Some believe that the legalization of games with subsequent control will bring high volumes of income to the country. But there are supporters of the ban, in their opinion, the legalization of this kind of activity will lead to an increase in the level of crime and money laundering. Well, as of today, the situation differs from state to state. There are several states that have legalized casinos, but very few of them. Basically, this activity is prohibited in India.

About Online Gambling

But, as we have already said, many of the laws were adopted a very long time ago and have not been revised since then. Then there was no information technology and the Internet that we have today, so there is not a word about online gambling in the gambling law. What does this mean? This suggests that by gambling at online casinos or by placing bets at online bookmakers, you are not breaking the law. Technically, you generally play in another country, as most of the online legal casino in india are registered and located in other countries where such activity is not prohibited. Therefore, while enjoying games on the Internet, you do not break the law for two reasons: firstly, the institution is located in another country and is not subject to the laws of India, and secondly, the law does not say anything about this kind of online activity. The exception is some rare states that have banned club games even over the Internet at the legislative level.

Although in 2000 the government of the state approved the law against cybercrime, it did not say a word about online gambling. Therefore, it is left to the discretion of the courts in each individual case. However, to date, there are no known cases of punishing online gamblers with the help of this law.

How to choose a reliable and legal casino

So, when playing in online casinos, you can rest assured that you are not breaking anything. Although there are nuances here. Since the advent of online casinos on the Internet, millions of gambling fans face a difficult choice every day. Even experienced gamblers find it difficult to navigate the variety of virtual clubs, and beginners find themselves in complete confusion. In order for online gaming to be safe, legal, and enjoyable, you need to choose a quality, reliable, licensed club. To do this, before starting the game, you should study some information. What you should pay attention to when choosing a club, we will tell you below in the article.

Legal aspect

Not all states have access to this or that club, because each club operates in the jurisdictions of only some states. Therefore, before playing, you need to make sure that the club of your choice accepts players from the country in which you are located. In this case, check that the site is available in India. And in general, before the game, read the rules of the club. It is better to spend time and study everything than to face difficulties later.


It makes no sense to play in a club that does not have a license. This is an unreliable site. If the club has a license, it means that the club is working legally and honestly. In addition, having a license is important for the player. In case of problems, non-refund of money, unfair play, you can complain to the regulator that issued the license, and it will consider your complaint. Moreover, pay attention to the authority that issued the license. It must be a well-known reputable institution. For example, the most reliable licenses are those issued in Malta and the UK. You can find information about the license on the website at the bottom of the page, where the authority and license number will be written. You can go to the regulator’s website and check the information on the number to make sure you are dealing with a reliable club.


Of course, the financial component is one of the most important. First, take a look at what methods the club offers for depositing and withdrawing funds. Reliable clubs have a wide choice. These clubs usually offer e-wallets, bank debit and credit cards, wire transfers, and even cryptocurrency. Also, take a look at the available currencies. Now there are more and more clubs that accept rupees. This is very convenient for players from India since now they do not have to spend large amounts on conversion. Also, read how long it takes to withdraw funds. If this period is up to several days, this is normal, depending on the selected withdrawal method. If this period is more than 5 days, then this should be alarming. You can find information about this in the club rules.


Also, pay attention to the verification process. This is the process of verifying your identity. As a rule, for this, you need to provide some documents. This is necessary for the club to make sure that it is dealing with a real adult citizen. It is best when this process is required immediately after registration. In this case, you will not have any problems with the withdrawal of funds.

Bonus programs

Also pay attention to the bonus programs that the club offers, the conditions for obtaining these bonuses, prizes for regular customers, and so on. Make sure you are happy with the terms.

Web site

Visit the website, pay attention to page loading speed, design, navigation. Make sure everything loads quickly and you can quickly find what you need. Make sure the site is presented in a language that you are comfortable with, such as Hindi or at least English.


See what games the club offers, the scale of the variety. It is important that you can find what you like.


Check support availability, opening times, and how to contact them. It is best if the club has a 24/7 support service and you can call the staff at any time.


And of course, read the reviews of real players on the forums. That being said, remember that people most often remember negative experiences. Therefore, do not be guided by reviews, where players complain that they were simply unlucky. Read reviews about registration, verification, withdrawal of funds, and other aspects.

If, when choosing a club, you pay attention to the above factors, then you will definitely be dealing with a reliable legal casino. And you won’t have any problems with the law.

Below we have prepared for you a list of the best legal casino online operating in India.

  • Leo Vegas.The first thing that attracts to this club is the website design. The bright stylish design suggests that you are in an institution that knows its own worth. This club is famous for being licensed by a reliable regulator and all the games presented on the site are developed by quality suppliers. You will find good support and all the ways to contact them, a large selection of fast payment methods and a lot of games. The peculiarity of the club is the presence of systems for combating gambling addiction. The site has contacts of specialists who will help you cope with this ailment, the ability to set game limits, and other help. In addition, this is a great option if you prefer to play through your smartphone because the club has developed a high-quality application for different operating systems (a[k for Android, app for iPhone with ios), and if you do not want to download something or you have windows, you can use the mobile web version.

  • 10 Cric. Another licensed club, which appeared on the market not very long ago, nevertheless managed to conquer an audience. Firstly, the club is distinguished by its modernity. This is one of the few clubs that accept bitcoin. So, if you are the owner of a cryptocurrency, then this option is for you. If gambling is not enough for you, then you can experience additional excitement, because the club offers sports betting, including e-sports. By the way, there you will find opportunities to get cool prizes, even IPL tickets.
  • Casino 888. The club has been operating on the market for over 20 years. It has managed to prove its quality and reliability over such a long period. At the same time, the club is constantly modernizing, offering more and more games, modern payment methods, a mobile web version, and the use of top-end encryption systems for your data. The club also has demo versions of the game – this is an opportunity to try it for free.  If you are looking for a reliable trusted club, then this is 888.

Is online casino legal in India?

The answer to your question is yes. Despite the fact that the law prohibits gambling in India, the law does not say anything about online gambling. In addition, most of the online clubs are located in other countries, so technically you are playing in a club in another country. Therefore, by playing games online, you are not breaking the law.

Is it legal to gamble online if I’m under 18?

No, the club rules clearly state that registration of underage users is prohibited, so you cannot register or go through verification if you enter the wrong age.

What are the best legal casino in India?

The best online clubs are those that have a license from a reliable regulator, offer modern payment methods, the withdrawal period of winnings is no more than 5 days, a large selection of games from leading software providers and game developers, a high-quality website and easy navigation, an efficient service. support, a wide bonus program and an overwhelming number of positive reviews. Examples of such clubs are Casino 888, 10 Creek, Leo Vegas, Royal Panda.

How to check the reliability and legality of the club online?

One of the most important indicators of the reliability and legality of the club is the availability of a license. The most authoritative licensing authorities are Malta and the United Kingdom. You can check the availability of a license on the club page. There you can see the authority that issued the license and the license number. You can verify the authenticity of the license by visiting the regulator’s website. Enter the license number on the website and check that it really is.

Do I have to go through verification?

Yes, it is for your safety. Any reliable club requires proof of your identity.