One of the most famous lotteries worldwide, Powerball lottery USA is now played in more than 45 American states. Initially, it was run only in the states where another widespread lotto game named “Megamillions” did not take place. Both lotteries shared success and fame in the USA until 2009 when Powerball and Megamillions signed a collaboration agreement. Since then, you can purchase both lotteries in all US states. Although one ticket costs only $2, many players, trying to increase their incomes, buy many tickets and the organizer receives a fabulous profit.What makes the Powerball lottery so attractive for Indian sports players, what its rules are; game tips, how to play the lotto online, and is Powerball lottery real? All this information can be found in our full guide 2021 about Powerball!

Powerball Lottery Review

The game is quite young, with the initial draw marked in 1988. Then it had a different name “American lotto”, which gained fame instantly. In 1992, the lotto altered its label to Powerball. The rules and the audience of the game remained the same. The lottery site was launched in 1998.

It presents 4 lotto types – MegaHits, Powerball, 2by2, and Lotto America. Since 2001, the Powerball’s attractiveness has increased. The reason for this is the promotional campaign and the new rules (like an accumulating jackpot). Since then, millions of players have participated in the sweepstakes.

The official US Powerball lottery website has the following advantages:

  • The sweepstakes take place at a convenient time: twice a week, on Thursdays and Sundays morning-time in India.
  • The large accumulated jackpot increased by 10 million. The maximum amount of this Powerball lottery prize is not limited!
  • 35% of the ticket sales amount is directed to a charity or public purposes, 50% – to the prize fund formation.
  • The payment of prize money is guaranteed by the US legislative framework.
  • To purchase Powerball lottery online tickets, you do not need to be a resident of the USA, but only reach the age of 18.
  • High win rates.
  • MegaHits slot machines are installed in the casino, where you can have fun.

Powerball Lotteries: How to Win

Since it was created, the lottery has drawn interest due to its two-reel use. Now the lotto offers nine bonus levels and an incredibly attractive jackpot. The fixed prize pool is 4 crores, and the highest prize in the history of winning is $ 1.6 billion – about ₹11,480 Crores)!

The odds of hitting the Powerball lottery jackpot are 1: 291,201,338. The player needs to guess five white balls from 69 on the main reel and one PB numeral out of 26 on the second reel. 

Prize The Odds How to win (PB + White balls )
Grand Prix (at least 4 crore)1 in 292,201,3385 + PB
Rs 70 million1 in  11,688,0535
3,722,787 rupees1 in 913,1294 + PB
7,428 Rs1 in 36,5254
7,428 Rs1 in 14,4943 + PB
520 INS1 in 5803
520 INR1 in 7012 + PB
300 INR1 in 921 + PB
300 INR1 in 380 + PB

With Powerball, the winning depends on luck only, lottery planners often seek to get the second reward. This is 70 million Rs, and the odds here are 1: 11,688,053. To succeed, it is required to guess all five numerals of the white ball.

Powerball Lottery India in 2021: Chances of Winning 

Prize category Matching numerals The odds
2nd  51:11.688.053

The lotto offers nine prize levels, and the lowest reward is 300 INR. This allows users to choose the right strategy, especially since the Powerball lottery ticket price is only 270 Rs.

Lotto Software

The program for the draw is PowerFall. The software supports only the US Powerball lottery and MegaMillions – the best jackpot online lottery games! This program will analyze past draws to help you determine the right combination for the upcoming session. You have a variety of useful options, including saving the numbers and automatic updates of previous draws.

Mega Hits lottery machines from the IGT manufacturer are installed in 15 lottery casinos in 45 states. Each machine is equipped with an RNG and is connected to a central computer system.

The owners of the machines control the Powerball lottery game via a CPU system, but the machines operators cannot program the device for the total amount of bets or payouts. MegaHits devices display results from a fixed pool.

Powerball Lottery Mobile

There are a variety of options if you are wondering about where to play Powerball. You can play it right from your smartphone via browser or by using one of the specially designed apps.
Though not all apps may support the Hindi language, all of them are in English, which is convenient.

  • You can visit the LottoOnline site from your phone and proceed to the Powerball lottery online.
  • LotteryHUB – is the official Powerball lottery application. It is offered for free for Android and iOS phones. The apk can be found on Google Play and Apple Store. Viewing Live mode you will enjoy the real action via the app It allows following the game process, checking matches, and obtaining the tickets. The app sends you Powerball lottery results via mobile notifications. You can redeem the reward money and credit your balance using the app. 
  • The Powerball lottery app Jackpocket allows customers to remotely buy the ticket. You can download the apk from the website for iOS or Android. You need to sign up and create an account there. Make a deposit and then you will receive $3 off your first order.

Step-by-step guide about start playing powerball

You can check the ticket yourself, on The Lotto site, for example:


Step #1

Go to the webpage and pass to the Check My Ticket page.

registration on the platform

Step #2

Fill in your Ticket Number.

fill the registration fields

Step #3

Tap the Check My Ticket button to view the Powerball lottery results.

select the convenient provider.

Powerball Lottery Promotions

The chances of receiving the lavish jackpot are not very high (1 to 292 million!), on the other hand, the lotto draws incomparable rewards. In addition, you can win a prize in one of the 8 secondary categories. The chance of getting any US Powerball lottery reward is 1 in 24.9, and this ratio does not vary, no matter the jackpot sum: $20 million or $1.5 billion.

The starting jackpot size is 4 Crores. If nobody wins it in a draw, the sum grows. The accumulation of the reward continues until someone becomes the Powerball lottery winner Indian. As a rule, Powerball rollovers reach fantastic sizes. Unlike the sum of the jackpot, the rewards of all other prize categories are fixed.

The ticket’s price is about Rs.270 and the Powerball lottery jackpot can reach Rs.600 crore, which resembles the Megamillions lotto.


By selecting an additional option to PowerPlay, you get a chance to double or multiple your Powerball lottery winnings. However, the effect of this wonderful feature does not apply to the main prize. Powerplay is known widely among players because the game’s final prize sum increases greatly.

You can add this feature to your game for an additional 80 rupees per play. This tool can multiply all rewards except the jackpot. It can upsurge the sum by 2, 3, 4, 5, or 10 times! The Power Play-powered Match 5 reward is 0.2 crore rupees permanently. 

No 10x multiplier1 in 11 in 31 in 141 in 21N/A
With 10x multiplier751 in 1.79231 in 3.311 in 14.331 in 21.51 in 43

Powerball Lottery Payment Means

Purchasing online a Powerball ticket is not a complex process. The only tricky thing is to find a reliable website like Lottoland to be confident about the site’s integrity. For example, when you buy a ticket from Lottoland, a website representative makes the physical purchase of your ticket.

  1. The payment options include bank transfer, debit card, or other accepted online payment models available on the site.
  2. All you need here is to have a registered account on one of the official partner websites.

Here is the list of convenient payment options for Indian Powerball lottery winners and other users to lawfully and securely top-up or withdraw funds on lottos:

How to Play PowerBall Lottery India

There are various ways to play the Powerball lottery in India, for instance, on theLotter webpage.

  • It is advised to buy a one-time ticket consisting of 3-25 fields (with the optional multiplier). Pick your lucky numbers or trust your luck with the “auto-select” feature. Also, you can play the game using a systematic form, which, if you win, will allow you to multiply your reward.
  • In the Powerball lottery live, 6 numerals from 1 to 69 are selected for white, and 1 digit from 1 to 26 for red ones. The lottery terminal dials the numerals independently or automatically. The probability of winning is 1 to 1.79.
  • Once you have chosen the numbers, you need to wait for the draw. The Powerball lottery winner Indian can select to redeem the grand prize money in two ways – 30 yearly payments or lump sum.

Here is Powerball lottery how to play instruction:


Pick out a secure lotto website.


Open an account and top-up your account.


Go to the Powerball lotto section.


Tap Quick Pick Select or opt for the manual choice of numerals on your ticket.


Decide whether you will activate the PowerPlay feature.


Select the draw time – Thursday or Sunday.


Pay for your lotto and wait for the draw!

Here is the list of recommended international operators that feature Powerball:

LOTTOLANDOne Free Ticket
LOTTOGOTickets are Up to 20% off!
BETWINNERUp To ₹8,000 – 100%
THE LOTTERMulti-Draw – 25% Off!
LOTTO247US PB Free Ticket
MULTILOTTOCash-in Bonus up to 100% – € 50

Powerball Lotto Prizes

If you have won a reward in Powerball, you may be wondering what to do next. Let’s find out how to get your prize if you won the Powerball lottery online or if you bought a ticket from an authorized seller since the method of obtaining it differs between them.

Please note:

  • The application periods depend on which state you played in. Please check the list of different states and the receipt periods in them below.
  • It is not possible to buy a ticket in one state and claim a prize in another.
  • For information about promotions in specific states, you should contact your local service.
  • You must sign the back of the ticket, as this will help you prove that you are its rightful owner in case it is lost or stolen.

In India, with Powerball, you can get large sums. The payouts depend on how many numbers from the ticket match the drawn numeral. One of the largest payouts except for the jackpot is Powerball lottery matches as this provides 200x to 300x times the ticket price.

Check out the table illustrating the payout influenced by the matches of the winning numerals:

Numbers Reward in rupees
5INR 1 crore
5 + PB100 crores
4 + PB7 lakh
3 + PB7,000
2 + PB500
1 + PB275
0 + PB207

Powerball Support Service

Powerball works hard to make your game on the site fun and comfortable. If you have any queries, suggestions, or special requests, contact the client support of one of the partner agencies, for example, Lotto Agent – around the clock, seven days a week.

There are several ways to contact the support service:

  • Powerball Lottery Online Chat
    This is the fastest way to contact the service. To talk to the operator, just click on the “Start chat” button.
  • FAQ (Help)
    The Powerball lottery support service FAQ section typically has answers to many questions such as how much the ticket costs in rupees, and much more!
  • Hotline
    By calling the hotline, you can instantly solve any issue.

 Is the Powerball Lotto Legit in India?

If you doubt whether you can play the game lawfully from India, the response is yes. Citizens of India should buy their tickets from a trustworthy agency. The service will then deliver real Powerball lottery online tickets to you. 

  • International clients can buy tickets online.
  • Online lotto is safe provided that you buy the ticket from a reputed agency, let’s say,  LottoSmile.

Can I play Powerball if I am not a US resident?

Yes, you can play it even if you don’t live in the USA.

What are the chances of earning the Powerball lottery prize?

The odds of any reward here are 1 in 24.87, plus the jackpot odds –1 in 292,201,338.

How much does it cost to buy a ticket?

It costs 270 Rs, and if you add the feature “PowerPlay”, it charges an added 80 Rs. You can learn more about the feature and view the expected payouts on the rewards page.

Does the Powerball lotto have a set minimum jackpot amount?

The minimal guaranteed jackpot is 4 Crores in India.

Does Powerball have a limit on the jackpot size?

No, the jackpot will increase until any user can guess all five numbers that have fallen out and the Powerball ball.

What happens to the Powerball lottery winnings that were not taken away?

Every lotto agency determines itself where unclaimed rewards go. Generally, the reward is used to finance social projects. You can find out more about this in the unclaimed funds’ section.