People’s imagination can surprise. Just think about how many games have been created based on a simple card deck. Some of these games have become popular all over the world, and some have been forgotten forever. Table game is widely distributed and created in ancient Asia, namely in Cambodia, is now available to everyone thanks to technological progress. It gradually won the love of many players, including players from India

Why is it so attractive? Its simplicity and elegance. This game in many ways resembles the well-known Baccarat, starting from the concept of the game and ending with the rules. Here the game is not played against the dealer, as is customary for many, but rather with their luck and intuition. Now everyone can try to play this somewhat exotic game in a live format, completely imbued with the atmosphere of a real casino. You will especially like it if you have had time to get tired of all the other card games or sports betting.


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Features of the Live Dragon Tiger

From the similarities with Baccarat, we can distinguish the goal of the game. The player needs a certain combination to win. Among the features of the game are the following:

Advantages Disadvantages
Low entry threshold (easy to learn)The simplicity of the game can be a disadvantage for some
The opportunity to quickly win a large amount of money 
Live game format 
Quick rounds 
Low limits 

The game has extremely simple rules, which we will tell you more about in the next section. Thanks to the simple rules, it is very easy to get involved in this game and start to understand it. Unlike poker, where you have to know a lot of combinations, as well as be able to bluff and have a skill, in Dragon Tiger Live game you do not have to strain yourself too much. This game is created rather for relaxation, entertainment and a pleasant pastime. For people who have come home from work or are just tired and want to relax, this game is perfect.

Dragon Tiger game rules

The main task of Dragon Tiger is to achieve the maximum number of points, in the game the limit is thirteen points. The game uses only one deck of playing cards:

  • The most important action after choosing a game table is setting the bet for the game. In such a card game, the player has only three options: to bet on a Tiger, a Dragon or a draw - an infrequent outcome of many games;
  • After that, the Dragon and the Tiger are dealt one card each from the deck. The outcome of the card game depends on them;
  • At this stage, the two cards dealt are evaluated and compared.

The outcome of the game can be completely different:

  • Victory of the Dragon - 1 to 1;
  • Victory of the Tiger 1 to 1;
  • Draw 1 to 8.

To evaluate the result of the DT game, you need to know the card denominations.

  1. The face value of cards from 2 to 10 is equal to the value of the same cards;
  2. The king is equal to 13 points;
  3. The lady corresponds to 12 points;
  4. The jack is equal to 11 points;
  5. But the Ace is equal to only 1 point.

How to start playing Live Dragon Tiger

In order to start playing, you need to first determine the site for the game. First of all, the platform must be legal and secure, for this it must have licenses issued by trusted verification services. We have listed in our article several proven casino sites for your convenience. Another thing you should pay attention to is special offers for new players. You can save a good amount by using bonuses. More information about bonuses will be written below. It will also be nice if the site supports Indian rupees. This will save the player from having to convert the currency into dollars or into another one that is used in the casino. Although this is done automatically when paying, it may require additional costs from the player in the form of covering the conversion fee. It is not too large, but if you make such conversions often, it can add up to a very impressive amount, so it's better to think about it.

Tips for a Dragon Tiger player

Dragon Tiger is an old game with a rich history, hence it is not surprising that experienced players have found a lot of useful tricks to increase profits from this game. We have listed below some basic tips that really work:

  • Experienced players are advised to avoid betting on a draw. Despite the high temptation to get a good win of 1 to 8, practice shows that this happens extremely rarely and it is often unprofitable for the player. Try to avoid such bets only if you are not playing for fun;
  • Count the cards corresponding to the dragon. This is not so difficult, because there are not so many cards used in the game. If you count the cards dealt, you will have a better chance of winning;
  • Watch the dealer's movements, he can often make mistakes and give out emotions in the form of careless movements or the like;
  • Make a limit for yourself in the combinations of betting strategies on each other. Despite the popular opinion that a combination of different betting methods is profitable, in fact, it is worth doing otherwise. There is one explanation for this - no one can confirm the effectiveness of this method in practice, so why follow it?
  • Use bonuses and connect the loyalty system if there is one. This will help you reduce the impact on the budget from losing and multiply the winnings. This opportunity should not be neglected;
  • Check the availability of a mobile application for Android in the form of an apk file or for iOS. Playing can be not only convenient from an online mobile application, but also profitable! After all, there are often additional bonuses for the game for mobile applications. Also check the availability of Hindi, because English is not convenient for everyone.

Use these tips and you will definitely increase your success in this exciting game. I would like to note the following separately. Do not use the "wonderful and win-win" strategies that some pseudo-professionals are so actively trying to promote. Only you can build the strategy that will be most advantageous for you. Only by your own efforts, you can achieve a stable income, and our general tips will help you achieve this!

Bonuses for Dragon Tiger in India

If there is a live casino online the range of casinos, and in particular DT, this often means that there are good bonuses. Before starting the game, it is advisable to review the relevant sections on the site and apply the most profitable bonuses for the game. Such offers can be either in the form of bonus money or in the form of a bonus program (loyalty system). 

Most often, the player needs to win back such bonuses, that is, get a win several times. Even if you can't win back the money, don't worry. First of all, bonuses are needed so that you can try out the functionality and decide for yourself whether it is worth continuing the game on the site. As for the loyalty system, its operation is quite simple. 

Most often it consists in points, if you play a lot and often, then you get a lot of points. The more points you get, the higher your loyalty level. The higher the level, the more profitable bonuses become available to you, up to 15% cashback from each deposit! The terms and number of bonuses vary for each casino so you need to read the detailed information on the relevant casino websites. Also, some bonuses are ready to provide third-party resources or social networks. Casino communities can often publish profitable promo codes that will increase your income when playing DT.

Dragon Tiger payment methods

If we talk about payment methods, they differ depending on the chosen platform. We recommend that you adhere to the following principle when choosing a method. First, choose the method that will have the smallest possible commission for use. Of course, the advice may sound obvious, but many users continue to use the usual payment method, although it is less profitable. 

Do not hesitate to open up to new things and start new wallets if they are profitable. This can help you save a lot of money in the long run. It is also often possible to meet players who use bank transfers. Depending on the platform, this method can really be very profitable in terms of no commission. However, it has one significant drawback, namely the long processing time of the transaction. Moreover, it works both on deposit and on withdrawal of money. If this is not a problem for you, then this method can really be for you. Otherwise, use bank cards or wallets. The processing time, in this case, will not be more than 10 minutes.

Legality of Live Dragon Tiger

As for legality, the Dragon Tiger card game refers to legalized games within the casino. However, among all the options, it is important to find exactly the casino where playing DT will be safe and licensed. It is enough that the casino has an official document-a license and confirmations from the inspection commissions. 

The casinos presented in this article have all the licenses and rights required for safe and legal gaming. In addition to legality, licenses also guarantee the security of the client's funds. He cannot worry about the possible loss of his money due to intruders. Licensed casinos have mandatory data encryption and an advanced transaction protection system. This applies to all countries, including India.

Can I try to play without a deposit?

Specifically for a Dragon Tiger live casino, the presence of real money on the account is a prerequisite, because live dealers work at such tables and they will not be able to physically serve everyone who wants to try out the game for free. However, for beginners, there are very profitable bonus systems that allow you to save on the first deposit and get more money for the first games.

What is the starting budget required to start the game?

It depends on the specific casino, but often the minimum bet amount on DT is not too large. The minimum deposit amount is enough to start the game. It is worth noting that the bonus money that you will receive you will be able to spend without restrictions on games, but it will not be so easy to withdraw them, due to the wagering conditions that must be observed.

Am I limited in playing time?

Initially, you have no restrictions, you can play as much as you want and different dealers will sit at your table. However, if you want to limit yourself in the game for the sake of self-control, then take a closer look at the "Responsible Game" mode. This mode allows you to independently set yourself a limit on the money spent per day or on the time spent.

Do this need identity documents from an Indian player to start the game?

Yes, the legal norms oblige you to specify the data from the identity documents for the start of the game when registering. This is also necessary for the security of your profile, so that the site administration can confirm your identity if fraudulent activity is suspected.

Can I watch the game without making a bet?

Yes, it is enough to just sit at an accessible table and you will be able to get acquainted with the process of the game, communicate with the dealer and find out how other users play it. You don't have to make a deposit to view it, but it's interesting for you not only to watch, but also to play, right?