Staking on virtual roulette, namely, in a live roulette casino online with a real croupier can bring a variety of positive emotions and several victories. Only live gaming lets gamblers approach the ideal, giving them much more than a vast selection of slot machines. Here, visitors are invited to feel the aura that surrounds the best establishments in the world and experience a real game.

Our experts have selected and tested a handful of live dealer roulette venues to advise you of the best ones with instant payouts, considerable bonuses, and multiple gambling options. Check out some practical tips on live roulette games.


№ 1
Parimatch Casino
Bonus for the first deposit ₹105,000
  • Fast payments
  • Qualified support
  • Slow withdrawal speed
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№ 2
Melbet Casino
INR 155,000 + 290 free spins
  • Fast and secure transactions
  • Support giant amount of the payment methods
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№ 3
PinUp Casino
₹450,000 + 250 FS on your 1st deposit
  • Many available payments services
  • Clear process of deposit
  • It takes time to withdrawal your money
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№ 4
Betway Casino
Get up to ₹90000 bonus!
  • Lightning-fast transactions
  • Secure Payments
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№ 5
Jeetwin Casino
100% welcome bonus up to INR 10,000
  • Supports popular Indian Payments
  • Easy to replenish
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What is Playing at a Live Roulette casino like?

Online Live Casino is streamed in HD live from a studio with a shuffler. Live roulette variant noticeably differs from the online game: in the first one, an actual croupier in present-time spins the ball, and in the virtual version, the ball is spinning with the help of the program.

Just like in a physical gaming house, the shuffler sits at an actual roulette table in a studio. The only distinction is that the participants will play from various locations. This allows the participants to feel the vibes of playing Roulette in a real venue, leaving an unforgettable experience, as a guest of one of the famous elite institutions.

Playing online Live Roulette for money

In the game, there is a selection of types of roulette, and each type has unalike odds of winning a big prize. Each variation proposes a specified gain, namely, house edge. The venue practically every time has a winning edge. To estimate your odds of receiving cash on such live roulette games, explore some of the most prevalent variations.

Here are some other benefits of betting for real funds:

  •  The possibility of hitting a jackpot.
  • Genuine emotions.
  • Live mode with a real dealer.
  • Diversity of games.
  • Believing in truthful results.

How to Start Playing Live Roulette

First of all, the goal is to choose an online casino with a good reputation. Hence, you’ll find below some from the list of top gambling sites, along with the games they offer: 

Casino# of Live GamesGame OptionsPlatforms
Betway Casino20European Roulette Gold Series American Roulette French RouletteEuropean Roulette French Roulette Gold Windows, Android apk, IOS
Royal Vegas10French RouletteAmerican RouletteEuropean RouletteWindows, Web App, IOS, Android.
EuroPalace12European RouletteAmerican Roulette French Roulette
Windows, Android apk, IOS, Web App
JackpotCity20American RouletteEuropean RouletteFrench rouletteWindows, Android, IOS
live roulette UnibetEuropean rouletteFrench rouletteAmerican roulette 

Now that you have picked an operator, let’s say, live roulette Unibet, the next steps are stress-free. Follow these systematic guidelines to begin your experience.


Choose a Live Roulette Website and Register

Opt for one of the listed casinos from the collection above and press “Play Now.” New members can make an account within 2 minutes.


Claim a Bonus after You’ve made a Deposit

You’ve got to use actual funds to play live casino roulette. Choose a trustworthy banking alternative and make a deposit. This is when you will pick any promotion comprising a welcome bonus.


Select a Table for Live Roulette

Look through the site sector with live shufflers and find vacant tables and several staking options. When you have made your selection, enter the gambling room, and tap on the table.


Make Your Bets

It’s time to wager! You are free to make all the similar picks you would make at an actual in-land site.


Enjoy the Process & Gain Real Cash

Interact freely with the players and see the wheel spin. Ultimately, the ball will cease spinning in one of the pockets. If any of your stakes match the winning figure, at that point the croupier will payout your reward.

The winning funds will be sent to your balance and your bank account.

General Rules of Roulette Game

To understand how to play the game, first familiarize yourself with roulette’s main elements: chips, a table with a field designation, a wheel, and a ball. Based on the game type, the winning odds can differ, but the payout remains the same regardless of the game variation you have chosen.

The gambler acts as an opponent of the casino. The goal is to guess in which of the cells the ball will cease moving. The round starts after the previous chips are removed from the table and the winners are paid. In an online casino, you can play a mini-version of the game, for instance, 3D roulette. Usually, the game wheel has 37 cells. An exception to the rule is the American type with an additional cell "00". Roulette rules allow placing bets on color, number, and even and odd combinations.

Once the ball stops moving on the wheel, the dealer marks a sector on the table for the integer that fell out. At the end of the process, wait until the dealer announces the official result of this round. Chips with non-played bets become the casino's income, and winnings are paid for all winning combinations. In online versions, payments are made automatically.

There are various bids:

  •  Internal  
  • External

The basis of staking is intuition, which is used by novice gamblers. More experienced roulette lovers prefer to use well-established strategies.

Single number - Straight up35:1
2  numbers - Split bet17:1
3 numbers - Street stake11:1
4 numbers - Corner bet8:1
5 numbers - Top line stakes (only American roulette)6:1
Two rows bets5:1
Columns and Dozens2:1
Evens/Odds,Reds/Blacks,   Lows/Highs  1:1

The classic rules state that bets in online roulette should be made before the wheel starts spinning. In some live versions, you can put chips at the moment of rotation.

How To Win in Live Roulette Game

There are several recommendations for novices:

  1. The rules of the game are not complicated, but they need to be carefully studied. The game can be much more difficult than it seemed at first glance.
  2.  Try to avoid dubious online casinos. Some places will not allow you to win with any bets and strategies.
  3.  Do not check the performance of gambling systems and strategies when wagering live roulette online real money. Take advantage of simulators with the same random number generator as the bookmaker. This will save time and cash.

Game Strategies 

The real-life roulette is based on the theory of probability, which allows users to apply time-tested strategies. The main ones among them often used by experienced users are below:


There are direct and reverse strategies. The essence of the first is to double the bet when you lose. After winning, the bet amount is reduced to the minimum. It is applicable only if there is a sufficiently large bankroll since the number of chips must be constantly increased. Thus, the money can run out very quickly with frequent losses.


It is recognized as the safest and most effective, especially for beginners. Besides being simple and as popular as the Martingale system, the D’Alembert shares some features with it. For instance, they are both negative game progressions that comprise raising bet sizes after a lost wager and lessening them after a winning stake. With this system, bets are increased less quickly than with the Martingale strategy, thus making it less possible for the wagers to get too high. A step-by-step increase in bids makes it possible to spend less cash.


This simple game is based on the Fibonacci sequence. When making a new bet, add the sum of two previously placed bets. Only if you lose should you raise the bet amount. The sequence comprises a progressive series of numbers. The Fibonacci strategy necessitates using wagering units and maintaining a consistent unit size. You should increase your wager every time you lose. The trick here is that your losses may be recovered by placing a larger next wager and gain back your funds and even get profit.

It is important to remember that none of these live roulette strategies give a 100% chance of winning.

Types for Live Roulette

Among several dozen types of roulette online, only 3 belong to the classic ones. The basic instructions remain unchanged, but additional nuances are introduced.

  • American. The key feature of this game is the presence of a double zero. An extra cell on the wheel increases the variance. This option brings gambling establishments more profit. Standard casino chips are used. Unfortunately, the players' chances of winning are lowered. In total, there are 38 numbers on the field, and the limits are much higher than in other roulette games.
  • European. This variation is considered classics. The rules here are standard, and the main goal – to guess the numeral on which the ball will fall. Bets are made using special tokens. They are also used to pay out winnings. No more than 8 people can sit at the table. This rule is usually used in the online roulette’s live version.
  • French. It has almost identical rules with the European style (standard wagers, and winnings). The main feature is the lowest variance indicator, so the probability of winning becomes higher. Experts advise betting more often on equal chances. Note that, being in the zero sector, the player receives a deposit reduced by 2 times.

Virtual platforms provide access to less common varieties, thereby expanding the palette of choice for players. From the several unusual roulettes, you can distinguish:

  1. English. Online game, which has minor distinctions from the classics. Standard bets apply here and regular chips are used. The interface and communication in live mode are in English.
  2. German. This one is a completely free roulette with an increased volatility indicator. It attracts players, with a bright graphic design. Croupiers accept bets on particular colors, numbers, even or odd values. You can use a PC, or any other smart device to play the game.

Best Live Roulette India Bonuses  

If you are seeking the top respected live establishments in India 2021, you can rely on our carefully picked comparisons of the top Indian venues and see their most generous bonuses. All the chosen live roulette Indian casino operators in India have a functioning license, use multiple platforms, and accept local currency - Rupees as deposits. 

  • Pure Casino 
  • Betway 
  • Royal Panda    
  •  Spin Casino 
  •  LeoVegas 
  • Jackpot City
  • Lucky Days 

While picking an online venue, players focus on table limits, live roulette mobile app, Hindi language option,  superiority, accepted payment means, and live online casino bonus.

Casino BonusRequirementsMin. Deposit Cashable 
Genesis Casino 100% up to10000₹ (rupees) (WR):40x Deposit 800₹ 
Casumo 200% up to2000₹ (WR):30x (Deposit + Bonus) 500₹ + – 
Queen Vegas Casino 1 Mega Spin for every paid in euro (WR):30x Bonus 1€ +
Casino Cruise 100% up to$200 (WR):40x Bonus $10 +
Betway 100% up to60000₹ (WR):30x Deposit 1200₹ +
Live roulette Bet365 100% up to£100 (WR):20x (Bonus + Deposit) £10 +

Live Roulette Deposit Methods

When risking at a live wagering site, you will be playing with real funds. You will be dealing with money and not credit, which necessitates you to load your virtual account.

You have several means for placing the funds. These are practically the same procedures used for making virtual orders, such as bank operations, debit, and credit cards. PayTM, Google Pay, UPI, and AstroPay are among the most popular Indian payment systems.  All these online wallets function analogously. A wide selection of different payment means includes e-wallets and mobile payments.

  • MoneyBookers 
  • Skrill 
  • Entropay
  •  PayPal 
  • Click2Pay 
  • Paytm
  • Neteller 
  • asiapay88
  • PhonePe
  • AstroPay card 

Betting sites in India have recently begun to accept payments via Google Pay intermediary. The operations may take time to appear on your staking account.Google Pay is a smart payment system that makes it possible for users to send funds and receive payments easily into their savings accounts with a tap of a smartphone. It is a mobile payment UPI-based app,  via which plenty of bills can be paid.

UPI is a real-time bank transfer system and the main payment method of India. Every payment gateway that focuses on users of India is obliged to provide this method. It is regulated by the Reserve Bank of India.

The deposit process is as follows:
Create your savings account, pay via your bank or regular credit card, or link it, and load your real-time profile. The profile creation and account loading processes are hustle-free. The online site chosen by you will inform you about its payment means.

Live Roulette Withdrawal Methods

Every player looks for the best ways to pull out their funds from a casino. Drawing out money is often easier than depositing. The rules vary based on sites, but typically, the method of withdrawal will be the same as that for depositing your cash.

Credit and debit cards are undoubtedly safe, fast, and convenient but a growing number of residents of different regions are using alternative withdrawal methods. In India, these are the UPI payment method, Google Pay smart system,  PayTM, and AstroPay. 

The top Indian withdrawal methods include these services:

  • Paytm
  • MoneyBookers
  • asiapay88  
  • Entropay
  • Skrill 
  • PayPal 
  • Click2Pay 
  • AstroPay card 
  • PhonePe
  • Neteller 

For instance, if you used Neteller to load your account, you can opt for the same e-wallet for pulling out funds, too. The same standard applies to Skrill, PayPal, and debit or credit cards. Habitually, a casino will offer to make withdrawals through bank operations and cheques, but these ways take more time. 

The situation in India is quite complicated due to the lack of the latest regulatory documents. However, the government is not interested in banning citizens from playing on these sites if they belong to foreign operators. It is permitted to play live roulette in India, although there are a few states in India that have outlawed all virtual casino games, including Maharashtra state.

Sikkim issues licenses for live wagering to casinos. Foreign operators can legally offer live roulette games to resident clients if they make payments in local currency. We advise you to check resident state laws if you are not certain about the legality of betting at live roulette sites in your area.

What is the minimum withdrawal?

The minimum amount depends upon two things: the casino and the withdrawal method. Neteller will accept a withdrawal deposit into your account as low as 500 rupees, however, your favorite site may only approve your payouts if it is valued at a point that justifies the expenses.

Is it possible to cheat roulette?

Many beginners in gambling believe that with the help of special programs they will boost their chances of winning. Detractors who develop software for cheating live roulette online, earn from the thirst for easy money from frivolous people. So this idea is a deception.

Are there fees associated with sites that offer faster payouts?

Some sites charge a fee for certain payment options, but the fees tend to be the same from site to site, regardless of how fast they process their payments. So, if you’re worried that you’ll pay more to get your hands on your money sooner, you won’t.

Which payment methods offer the fastest cashouts?

It depends on the site, but usually, third-party transfer services like Neteller and Ukash tend to be swift. Checks may not be that fast, and times of bank wire may differ due to site.

Can I play live roulette on a smartphone?

The game is adapted to phone screens and does not necessitate pre-installation. The interface is manageable; all the handy buttons are accessible. You can play the demo mode and paid games with croupiers from your phone.