What is the EuroMillions lottery game?

Euromillion is a time-tested European lottery where you can win both alone and as part of the group. The first draw took place back in 2004. Since then, the jackpot has been played about 30 times and usually reached hundreds of million euros. Interestingly, but British people were the most common winners.

Initially, the EuroMillions game was organized by 3 European states: Spain, Great Britain, and France. During its history, many European countries joined the lottery, including Ireland, Portugal, Liechtenstein, Austria, Belgium, Isle of Man, Monaco, Andorra, Luxembourg.

The lottery prize pool is distributed as follows:

  • 28% of the profits the lottery’s founders direct to the implementation of charitable programs;
  • 12% is allocated for taxes;
  • 5% is paid as commissions for selling lottery tickets;
  • 4.5% is spent by the founders on the costs of the game;
  • 0.5% of the profits the founders leave themselves.

In the world of gambling entertainment, not many organizers put their income at the very bottom of the list of the prize pool section.

Lotteries and Software

The Euro-Millions website includes a wide variety of lottery games: from the famous Game of Thrones slot to European roulette. All entertainment is presented in different themes and styles with a full range of casino games. These games allow users to play for free before placing bets.

As for the design of the website itself, it is graphically pleasant and has a convenient interface. The main page contains an information field, which displays the next jackpot and how much time is left until the next draw. Visitors can easily navigate the information parameters on the home page.

Mobile lottery version

You can download the Euro-Millions mobile lottery application not only on Android-based devices but also on iOS-operated gadgets. Both mobile apps have a large set of functions and are easy to use.

Using the mobile application, the user can find out the latest EuroMillions lottery results of the draw, get a breakdown of prizes, check tickets, see the results archive, and more.


It offers enjoyable bonuses and programs such as UK Millionaire Maker, EuroMillions Super Draw, HotPicks, Millionaire Raffle, EuroMillions Plus, and MegaWeek.

Banking and taxation

Euro-Millions accept currency only in euros. You can purchase tickets online or from an authorized retail store at a price of €2. You may also pay in cash or by bank transfer. EuroMillions also has a card payment method called Direct Debit.

Withdrawals largely depend on the country from where you play. Each place has its own requirements.

Euromillion Winnings Taxes

Of course, do not forget about the duties to be paid for winning the lottery. They also vary state by state. In the table below, we present some interesting examples:

SpainThe government imposes the tax if the amount of winning EuroMillions exceeded 2,500 euros (the tax duty is 20% of the won amount).
PortugalThe government requires to pay the tax if the winning amount is greater than 5000 euros. The Portuguese government asks for 20% of the total sum. The money will be debited before one receives the prize – the organizers will do this.
SwitzerlandSwitzerland boasts the largest tax rate, which is 35%. However, it applies only of you have won more than €1,000,000.

Euromillions lottery how to play from India (step-by-step)

Today there is an opportunity to play with EuroMillions online from India. Concierge provider will purchase a ticket on your behalf from one of the nine Euromillion countries, and a copy of the ticket will then be uploaded to your account.

The usual Euromillions lottery ticket price is 2.50 € (RS. 215), even though concierge services online may charge a different price depending on the exact service they offer. 

How to get your lottery ticket

Do the following steps to get your tickets and try your luck in winning the upcoming EuroMillions huge jackpot:


Step 1

Go to the Lottery Tickets web page and select the “Play Now” tab below EuroMillions.


Step 2

Choose five numbers from 1 to 50 and 2 Lucky Stars from 1 to 12.


Step 3

Choose which days you want to play: Tuesday, Friday, or all days.

choose the day of the week

Step 4

Add Your Records to Cart.


Step 5

Register your account online or sign up for an existing one.

registration on the platform

Step 6

Pay for your records.

deposit money.

Once the deal is complete, you can log into your account online at any time to review your numbers. Make Euromillions lottery login after a draw to see if you have won any prizes.

In case of your EuroMillions lottery UK win, most prizes will be paid directly to your account online. If you are lucky to be a EuroMillions lottery jackpot winner, you may have to go to the country where you bought the ticket and demand a prize in person.

Euromillion Lottery Result

Are you interested in the EuroMillions lottery result today? You should follow on the main page! Here you will find a complete archive of the Euromillions lotto winning numbers. Thus, you will be able to collect invaluable information about Euromillions lotto winning statistics, which is indispensable for the correct selection of your next lottery bid. Also, you will manage to check your past lottery tickets find out about can the EuroMillions lottery latest wins.

In total, the Euromillions lottery format provides for 13 prize categories – this is the largest number among all other major world lotteries! To win the minimum lottery prize, you must guess at least 2 main and one additional number with a star.

Below are the prize categories and EuroMillions lottery results with the required number of matches:

Category 1 (Jackpot)5 main numbers + 2 numbers with star
2nd category 5 main numbers + 1 number with star
Category 3 5 Main Numbers
4th category4 main numbers + 2 numbers with star
5th category4 main numbers + 1 number with star
6th category4 main numbers
7th category3 main numbers + 2 numbers with star
8th category2 main numbers + 2 numbers with star
9th category3 main numbers + 1 number with star
10th category3 main numbers
11th category1 main number + 2 numbers with star
12th category2 main numbers + 1 number with star
13th category2 main numbers

Euromillions lotto draws take place twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays at 20:45 local time at a lottery studio in Paris. The EuroMillions lottery live broadcast of the draws is broadcasted on the national channels of the lottery member countries. An independent commission announces the results and publishes them on the official portals around 11 pm on the same day.

The starting mark for the Euromillion lottery jackpot is €15 million euros. If none of the participants in the circulation guesses all 7 numbers of the winning combination, the jackpot accumulates. The number of batteries of the Euromillion lotto jackpot is unlimited, however, the amount of the main prize cannot exceed the mark of €190 million euros. If the jackpot lotto is at its maximum mark, and the EuroMillions lottery winner is absent in the main prize category, the jackpot is distributed equally among the winners in the next available prize category.


The Contact Us page is available on the site. It displays the lottery email address, postal address, and the company’s registration information.

Euro-Millions has an extensive FAQ page, and we summarize the most typical questions below. Otherwise,  there are no other options to contact customer support for help. In particular, there is neither phone line nor chatbot.

Is Euro-Millions legit in India?

Yes, it is perfectly legal to play EuroMillions lottery India through an online lottery concierge provider.

How to play EuroMillions from India?

Visit the Lottery Tickets page and click the Play Now button. After opening an online account, simply select your numbers from 1 to 50 plus two Lucky Star numbers from 1 to 12.

What is Superdrafts?

Superdrafts are special events that are held several times during the year. There, jackpots instantly increase to a large amount, usually over €100 million. Superdrafts are usually announced in a few weeks, and you can enter them online from India, like any regular draw.

Can I play EuroMillions from any Indian state?

Yes. Indian lottery laws apply only to lotteries in India and do not apply to Indian citizens playing lotteries in other countries.

How can I win the EuroMillions lottery?

Definitely! In case you win, the prizes will be automatically deposited into your EuroMillions lottery online account. From there, the money will be withdrawn to your bank account or used to purchase an additional EuroMillions lottery ticket. If you win one of the biggest prizes, such as the jackpot EuroMillions, you may need to make a trip to receive it in person. In this case, the concierge agent will contact you to take the necessary action.

How long should I get a EuroMillions winning?

If you are lucky enough to get a EuroMillions lottery win, you will be informed of it by text message or e-mail shortly after the draw. All winnings are automatically credited to your online account, so there is no chance of losing the prize.