Instant Roulette

An article describing in detail the nuances of playing Instant Roulette. Gives the player valuable tips on the game and gives an overview of the roulette game in general.

People who are not even familiar with gambling know about roulette. Instant Roulette is a unique creation of the well-known gambling software developer Evolution Gaming, which conceptually changes the player’s idea of classic roulette. In the instant version, the game has got rid of its main drawback and become more dynamic. Read the article to learn about the essence of Instant Roulette. 

The best Online Instant Roulette for Real Money in India

Instant Roulette is a game from the Live-casino category, which gives the player the opportunity not to wait for the next round to place a bet. In the game studio, instead of one dealer and one online roulette, there will be no dealer waiting for you, but there will be as many as 12 roulette wheels. After confirming your bet, the system automatically selects a freewheel that will instantly start moving. After you have learned the result of the bet, you can immediately make the next bet and the system will switch to another wheel this time. This gameplay saves a lot of time for the player and is something really new.


  • Dynamic game;
  • 12 independent roulette tables;
  • The ability to play both on mobile devices and on a PC;
  • The fastest type of roulette;
  • High level of involvement in the process.

These features favorably distinguish this type of game from others. Many players refused to play classic roulette because of the long process of waiting for the result. Playing Instant Roulette, the player can forget about the long wait!

How to start playing Instant Roulette

To start the game, you must choose one of the online casino gaming platforms that support Instant Roulette. Most often, in addition to casinos, these platforms provide the opportunity to bet on sports. Next, you need to register. Enter your real and current data. They can be useful if you lose your password so that it is easier to restore it. After that, go to the appropriate section of Live Casino Games and go to the Instant Roulette table.

The rules of the game of Instant Roulette

For new players, the question «How to play?» will be one of the most common. The rules of the game are standard. The same as for the usual European roulette, but with some differences at the stage of confirming bets. The player chooses what to bet on: on a specific number, on a color, on even or odd, or on a range of values. Please note that you can think about the bet as much as you want because the game is played on 12 independent roulette tables. After confirming the bet, the system moves the camera to the engaged wheel and the player watches the process. In case of victory, the player receives a payout multiple of the chance of winning. You can play in several languages, including English and Hindi. For more information about payments, see the table below.


Instant roulette live differs from other versions of roulette in the gameplay, but as for the payouts, they are identical to the payouts in the classic European roulette:

The type of bidThe winning coefficient
Even / Odd (18 numbers)1 to 1
Red / Black (18 numbers)1 to 1
Low / High (18 numbers)1 to 1
Columns / Dozens (12 numbers)2 to 1
Lines (6 numbers)5 to 1
Corners (4 numbers)8 to 1
Street (3 numbers)11 to 1
Split (2 numbers)17 to 1
Straight-up (1 number)35 to 1

The minimum and maximum bet in Roulette

A wide range of bets from ₹20 to ₹85,000 is presented for the player. A fairly low minimum bet will allow a new player to try out all the features of the game without risking and decide whether to continue playing. The game’s Return to Player (RTP) is 97.30%, which is identical to the original game.

Favorite bets

The possibility of flexible customization is one of the main advantages of playing Live Instant Roulette. The player may eventually get tired of spending his time doing the same manipulations to make his favorite bet. Evolution Gaming offered the player a good option to add his favorite combination of bets to the favorites list. After that, the player can easily select his combination from the list in a couple of clicks and use it. Moreover, you can save up to 15 lists of combinations. This allows the player to adapt to different game styles and have their own Instant Roulette strategy.

How to win at Instant Roulette?

There is one very important tip for Instant Roulette. When a player plays a leisurely classic roulette, he gets more time to think before the opportunity to make the next bet, which allows him to keep a cool head during the game. Instant Roulette has the ability to make a lot of rash bets. This is the wrong approach. When playing this type of roulette, you need to be responsible for your actions and not make too rash bets. Strictly indicate the budget that you are ready to use in the game and do not exceed it. This advice will be relevant in 2021 and always.

Other tips for an effective game that will bring not only pleasure but also profit are identical to the tips for classic roulette:

  • Use all available bonuses;
  • Save your favorite bet combinations;
  • Keep in mind how much it will cost to place full bets;
  • Play with the same game pace throughout the session;
  • Take your time during bets.

Following these simple recommendations, you will be able to enjoy the game more and earn more money.

Bonuses for Instant Roulette

Many casino platforms in India that have Lightning Roulette in their assortment also have a good bonus system. Often, bonuses are provided to the player either in the form of a bonus amount in rupees, which he can use in the game, or free spins of roulette. Usually, such bonuses are accompanied by some restrictions, for example, the need to win back a bonus bet in three times the amount or similar. In any case, bonuses are a great opportunity to be acquainted with this type of entertainment and win more money.

Methods of deposit and withdrawal when playing Instant Roulette

To start playing Instant Roulette, you need money in your account. Replenishment of the account is not something complicated and depends on the specific casino platform on which you play. Most often, the process is standard – go to the account replenishment page from your profile page. Then choose one of the available withdrawal or deposit methods. Deposit and deposit methods are most often standard: MasterCard, Visa, Neteller, PaysafeCard and Skrill.

Is it legal to play Instant Roulette?

The game is absolutely legal because it has no significant differences from the classic European roulette. Regarding the general legality of casinos – all casinos presented on our website have been checked for compliance with all international requirements and licenses so that you do not worry about the honesty and legality of the casino.

Is it legal to play Instant Roulette?

Legally, the game is no different from classic roulette and requires a license from the casino. All the presented gaming platforms have passed the checks for the legality and have the necessary documents for a legitimate game, so you can not worry about the legality of the gameplay.

What is RTP?

RTP is the percentage of the return of winnings to the player. The higher this value, the better for the player. In simple words, this value shows how high the probability of winning is and how much of the deposited funds will be returned to the players.

Can I try out the game without investing real money?

Yes, the bonus money that the casino provides to new players for easier mastering in the game will help you in this.

Is there a limit on the game time?

You can play as much time as you want yourself, there is no limit initially. Some casinos provide the opportunity to limit yourself, this is called the «Responsible Game» mode.

What is the starting budget required to start the game?

There are no strict budget requirements, if you have enough funds on your balance for the minimum bet, then you will already be able to play Instant Roulette. However, it is recommended to have a budget of at least 100 minimum bets in order to have time to enjoy the gameplay.