Teen Patti Variations in Indian – Best Combinations

Nowadays, Asian virtual casinos offer exciting and fun card entertainment to punters, for example, you find dozens of variations in Teen Patti at the top gaming sites in India

If you believe a modern online casino offers only a few types of card games, including Blackjack, Poker, and Baccarat, then you are far from the truth. Card gambling with a deck, it turns out, is much more diverse! For example, the popular Asian game Teen Patti, which is often called Indian Poker. 

This casino fun originated in India many years ago. Its rules are pretty similar to the British game Brag. A unique feature of Teen Patti is that it has several dozen varieties. Do you want to know the details of this card game? So, scroll on the following article until the very final word.

Best Teen Patti Sites 

Where to play that Indian type of Poker online? Choose Indian casinos with a license that provides safe gameplay, reliable banking services, and juicy bonus terms. 

In India, Teen Patti gambling entertainment is one of the most played games, so it will not be difficult for you to find gaming platforms with such fun. We offer you a rating of the top sites in India, where you will find the most eye-catching versions of it. You can try to play in the test mode first, that is, without real bets. Or, if you prefer a real game, then make a deposit and start earning on the Teen Patti Variations game.

How Many Types of Teen Patti are There?

So, the general rules of this game are as follows. The round is played using 1 deck with 52 cards. There can be from 4 to 8 participants at the table. The game is supervised by the dealer. As for the online version, the distribution is conducted by a computer program. 

Each player receives 3 cards from the dealer, but before that, they must make a mandatory bet. Next, the trading stages begin at the table. The winner is the one who collects the strongest hand. As you can see, the gameplay is very similar to a Poker competition. But the combinations of cards in Teen Patti are different.

Types of Teen Patti game:

  1. Mufliss
  2. 3999
  3. Sudden Death
  4. Discard One
  5. Plus Sign
  6. Rotating Jokers
  7. Auction
  8. Pack Jack
  9. Buying Jokers Seen and Unseen
  10. King Little
  11. Lallan Kallan
  12. Stud
  13. Kiss-Miss-Bliss
  14. Kissing Missing
  15. One-Eyed Jack
  16. Folding Joker
  17. In-Out
  18. Temperature
  19. Closest to 555
  20. 3-2-1
  21. 2 Cards Open
  22. Wild Draw
  23. Cobra
  24. Draw
  25. High-Low Split
  26. Community
  27. Odd Sequence
  28. AK47
  29. 1942 Love Story
  30. Banko
  31. High Wild
  32. Pairs Are Jokers
  33. Joker Hunt
  34. 4x Boot

List of Teen Patti Variations

The Teen Patti variations is now available on almost all Asian virtual platforms. The point of the normal Teen Patti round is simple and clear but each variation has its specific features, which will be described below.


This card game has almost the same principles as the traditional Teen Patti option. But there is also one difference: the rating of hands in Mufliss has an inverse value. So, if you put together a Trio, then in Mufliss it will be the worst combo. The winner of the round is the one who has the highest card in the hand. Therefore, the participant with the weakest hand wins Mufliss. In the case when 2 participants have the lowest hands at once, the player with the smallest card wins.


A Teen Patti variation of the Asian game, where all the cards of the deck come with a certain number denomination. So, T and K are equal to 0 here. All the remaining cards in the deck get denominations equal to their value. A gambler wins the game if they collect the hand where the cards form the largest 3-digit number. For example, if you have 999 in your hands, you are a 100% winner!

Sudden Death

A breathtaking Teen Patti variations – Sudden Death! All participants of the game receive the same number of cards from the host at the table. And then an amazing action begins – everyone starts throwing cards. As soon as one of the gamblers shouts “Stop”, the process of throwing cards will stop. Who will win? And the one who has the highest card in their hands will get a pot.

Discard One

Here, 4 cards are dealt on the first turn. Next, collect a hand of three cards that are the most successful for the combination. You throw the fourth card aside. Thus, you always have a chance to create a more profitable combo than in games where you initially get only three cards.

Plus Sign

So, if you have launched this Teen Patti variations on the Indian platform, then very soon you will meet with several Jokers on the table (Wilds). Each participant receives 3 sheets from the deck, and the dealer brings 5 cards in the form of a +sign in the center of the table. What does it mean? These five with a + sign are the Wilds. They can be of any value the punter needs. You will form a Joker from two rows: vertical and horizontal. During the round, participants can use the Wilds from the center of the table but only in agreement with the dealer.

Rotating Jokers

This option runs the same way as many other Teen Patti kinds – with three cards. Here, participants receive 1 card open on the table and 2 hidden ones. An open card is a user’s one, which can have any value.

If a player manages to discard the Rotating Jokers during the round, their open card will become a Wild for the rest of the punters. The gambler no longer has the right to use their Joker card. And this happens for every player.


In this type of Asian card entertainment, the dealer deals each user three cards. After that, the punters hold two “games” of 3 cards, with two cards lying face down on the table. One card is still open. It becomes a Joker for the rest of the gamblers. All players offer funds to purchase games. Those “Games” are more desirable than what each user has since each of them has an open card that works as a Joker. If you do not want to buy games for auction, you have a right not to do that. The game proceeds by betting as usual after the games have been purchased.

Pack Jack

If you try out Pack Jack, then you receive three cards from a host. Also, three cards of Jokers (Wilds) come on the table. Whenever a player folds in the round, their cards transform to the new 3 Wilds. When another user packs, their cards replace the previous Jokers.

Buying Jokers Seen and Unseen

You have received three cards from the Teen Patti host, as well as other participants at the game table. Now the stage of buying Jokers will run. This stage goes in two stages. The pre-agreed amount is used to purchase these special cards, and all these funds are transferred to the common bank. All players at the table can take part in the rounds of buying Jokers. 

Then, in this game, each player can purchase a Wild card from the other. The price of the card is the same as they agreed on in advance. The money from these purchases also goes to the general pot. The Wilds from the first round are shared with the punters, who buy them in the second round. After that, the round is repeated until the winner among the Teen Patti variations players is announced.

King Little

In this Teen Patti variation, all the Kings are Jokers. A player receives three cards, and the low-value one becomes the Wild as well. For example, a punter received K-Q-4 in various suits. And so, K and 4 become Wilds. You may collect a trio by replacing K and 4 with 2 Queens (Q-Q-Q) and such a hand wins the game.

Lallan Kallan

In the Kalan Kalan variation of Teen Patti, three cards are dealt, and the Joker here will be the one with an odd color. For example, if you have 3 cards in your hand, where 1 is black and 2 is red, then the black card will become a Wild for you. In the case that all the sheets of the same suit are in your hand, this match is over for you and you leave the game. The round continues for the player with the best cards of different suits, and a Joker.


The Stud Teen Patti game gives Indian fortune hunters one card face-up and two cards to play blind. The ones that lie face down are known as hole cards, while the cards face up are known as street ones. Thus, the Teen Patti player cannot see all their cards here. Otherwise, the Stud round goes the same way as the normal game Teen Patti.


Here, 5 cards are dealt to all participants. One card becomes the Joker. These can be such types of the Wild as Kiss, Miss, and Bliss.

A pair of numbers is called Bliss, two consecutive numbers are a Kiss, and Miss is a couple. However, one number is missing in this sequence. In each gambling round, you can get only one Joker. Next, one of the remaining cards leaves the game table. As a result, the punter holds two ordinary cards plus two, which together form one Joker in a hand.

Kissing Missing

If you have already learned Kiss-Miss-Bliss, then it will be easier for you to learn the Kissing Missing type. Here, users receive 4 cards and start to play. Also, they create a Joker from two cards. Thus, you will have two regular cards, and one Wild.

The latter can have the format: Kissing or Missing. To form a Kissing combo, collect a pair from any number. To create Missing, get two alternative numbers (6 and 8, or another). If it is not possible to collect the Kissing or Missing ones, you should simply discard one sheet, and leave three standard ones. Then, the game proceeds traditionally.

One-Eyed Jack

In this game, try to get the Jack of Hearts and the Jack of Spades. These cards are called One-Eyed Jack here. If you received one of these cards during the distribution, then you have a Joker in your hands. The other two Jacks in the deck (Diamonds and Clubs) are ordinary sheets.

Folding Joker

Here 4 cards are dealt to each player. You can see three of them at once, and the fourth remains invisible. Among these 3 cards, you show the other participants only one, which will become a Joker for them. For you, these three cards have equal value. If you decide to fold, your invisible card will become a new Wild for the other participants. Also, all the previous Joker cards are still in this Teen Patti variations game.


This Teen Patti game begins when the players are dealt three cards from the deck to all punters, and puts 3 Jokers cards on the table. Each participant evaluates their chances of winning and decides whether to stay in the game or get out. If the user chooses “in”, they must place a bet and the round continues for him. If “out” – the user discards. If you leave the round and discard the cards, they will become new Jokers instead of the previous ones.

If in the final game, 2 or more participants are “in the game”, their cards are compared to the last Wild. The best hand wins the game. The punter wins the game and takes all the money from the bank. The losers have to pay the same amount to the bank. After that, a new round begins. This version of Teen Patti is quite risky. Here you can win a lot but also lose a lot.


This is one of the Teen Patti variations similar to the In-Out type. All the players are dealt three cards from the croupier. At the same time, the dealer puts 3 Jokers in the center of the table. These cards are face up. Next, the players decide whether to stay in the game or leave the round. If you stay – up your thumb, if you leave – down your thumb. 

As soon as everyone has made a decision, the croupier draws the “temperature” card. Here you need to immediately look at its value. If this card is in the range from A to 6, the weakest hand wins. The range from 7 to K means that the highest combination wins the game. Otherwise, this game has the same rules as the “in-out”.

Closest to 555

This game begins when all the players are dealt 3 cards from the host. If you don’t like the cards, you can change one of them. But this option is only available for the first couple of rounds. 

All cards A, K, Q, and J in this game have a face value of 0, and cards with numbers from 2 to 9 are worth the same as their rank. The player wins the game if they grab the combo closest to 5-5-5.


In this type of Teen Patti, 6 cards will come into your hands at once. After that, you will divide cards into three separate sets. However, the number of cards in each of them will be unequal. In the first pile, there will be 3 cards, in the second – 2. In the third, there is only one card (that’s why the name of the game is 3-2-1). By the way, you can arrange the card as you wish.

Gamblers place bets before the first hand. In this round, the winner is the one who has the strongest hand of 3 cards. Then the second dealing starts to determine the winner of the second hand. The last round of the game is played with the third hand (one card).

Who is the winner here? The participant who won two or more rounds. If a gambler has collected the best hands in all rounds, they will take the entire pot. The bankroll accumulates here for all rounds. If there is no winner in two or more rounds, no one will get the money. The next round is waiting for you ahead.

2 Cards Open

It is clear how the gameplay will take place in 2 Cards Open right from its title. The player receives 2 cards from the dealer, which are opened face up. The punter will receive the third invisible card. Users place bets and participate in the round without knowing what kind of 3-rd card they have. They act up to their assumptions.

Wild Draw

In this card competition, Indian gamblers receive three cards when dealing, as in the standard Teen Patti Variations competition. Next, one card is turned face up and placed on the table. It will become the main target in this round because that card becomes a Joker. You will be able to significantly improve your position thanks to it.


This funny version is sometimes called Maatha. Here you make combinations with a single card. Before starting, the participants place a pre-agreed wager in the bank. After that, punters grab the cards, and put them on their foreheads, without seeing anything. And so, Indian gamblers do not know about their cards but they see the ones of the other players. You will win if you collect the most valuable hand.


In this amazing Indian game of chance, all users fund a pre-agreed sum of cash in the bank. After that, the dealer deals 3 cards to everyone. Each punter can discard a hand and ask for a new one. Besides, a gambler may request a new card in the case of playing blind or Chaal. In the Draw version users have a chance to replace only 3 cards in every round.

High-Low Split

In High-Low Split, the player with the highest combination and the player with the lowest combination divide the entire bank. The players who received the strongest hands during the distribution process compare their cards in the final. The one with the highest hands wins half of the bank. The same thing happens with the players who have the lowest hands. All low hands are compared with each other, and the lowest of them wins the second half of the total game reward. 

In the High-Low Split game, users must first play three rounds of bets, while no player is allowed to fold cards. After these rounds, players are allowed to fold their cards.


Do you like Texas Hold’em? Then here’s an Indian similar version for you. At the moment, the Community game is represented by two types: the version with 3 cards and with 5 cards. In the first case, the user receives one open card (called Community) and 2 closed ones. 

In the second option, 2 closed cards and 3 open cards are dealt to each player. Here you collect a combo of 1 closed and 2 open cards. At this time, the host will put three Community cards in the center of the table. After creating a hand, players have the opportunity to replace any of their cards with a common one on the table. Remember that you will not be able to play blindly in this version.

Odd Sequence

In the Odd Sequence round, you will act the same way as in the classic Teen Patti variations. The unique detail here is how you make a sequence. So, when you create a sequence in a typical Teen Patti you apply consecutive deck sheets, for example, j q k. But in the Odd Sequence version, you will use alternate cards to manage a sequence. For example, 9-J-K.


The AK47 game is the name of this unique gun. And there are reasons for this. In this game, cards A, K, 4, and 7 of all suits are Jokers or Wild cards. Players who have any of these cards can use them as a replacement for a missing number or suit. Otherwise, this game does not differ from the standard Teen Patti.

1942 Love Story

In the game 1942 Love Story, all cards with numbers 1, 9, 4, 2 are Wilds, and so you can assign them any value or rank. Here is an example: a punter got J-9-A, and so they can substitute 9 to a J to create a winning combination. By the way, here you should stick to Hindi whilst playing 1942 Love Story. If you speak English during the round, you are out.


The favorite variation of novice Teen Patti Variations gamblers. The uniqueness of the process here is that each participant plays by themselves. When it’s your turn to enter the game, you must place a bet, and the dealer will open the cards. You don’t know which card will be next between the two open ones. Your bet is supposed to predict this. So, if two cards are equal to 3 and 9, you will need to guess the probability that the third number will fall between 3 and 9.

High Wild

This kind of Teen Patti variation is considered one of the simplest. In the round, a punter’s lowest-value card and all others with the same cost are considered as Jokers for that user.

If you have collected 4-4-8, and your 3’s are the Wilds with any cost or suit. Then you can replace your 4 with two 8’s to collect a hand.

Pairs Are Jokers

In the Pairs Are Jokers competition, 7 cards are given to the player. All pairs in a hand are recognized as Wilds. You must have a minimum of one pair to be able to play. If you don’t collect a pair, then fold it. When there is a show, you pick the 3 best cards to form a hand.

Joker Hunt

Before the start of the round, all players receive 3 cards from the leader. And then the player opens cards with twice as many participants and three more. If there are 6 players, you must open 15 cards. Here is a simple calculation: 6 x 2 + 3 = 15. So, each player takes one of the open cards and discards the one that they already have. If the player has a good deal, they can save it without getting more cards. 

The game takes place in 2 rounds, where 6 cards for each user are closed or removed. In the final, 3 additional cards will remain on the table as a Wild. After that, the game flows as usual, until a punter wins the game.

4x Boot

The 4X Boot game is preferred over other Teen Patti variations by hundreds of Indian gamblers because there is such a high payout ratio here! What is its uniqueness? The rules here are the same as in the regular version, but if we talk about the boot value, then in 4x Boot it will be 4 times more than the usual coefficient. We are talking about the minimum number of chips that you must put in the pot before the start of the game session.

What kind of hand ranking is used in the classic version of Teen Patti variations?

Here it will be such winning combos as Trio, Straight Run, Normal Run, Colour, Pair, High card.

Is Teen Patti legit for Indian punters in 2021?

In some states, it is allowed to play Teen Patti online and in land-based gambling establishments but everything depends on the specific region. Indian players can also compete in these gambling games on foreign platforms.

What is the main difference between classic Poker and Indian Poker?

The main difference between these casino competitions is the number of cards involved. In Poker, the punters make the combination of 5 best cards out of seven cards. In the Teen Patti game, you collect only 3 deck sheets for a hand.

Raja’s opinion

Teen Patti is a popular game in many Asian casinos today. Simple rules and lots of versions make this entertainment very attractive and exciting. To win, you need to learn how to combine luck and gaming skills here. Fortunately, today Indian gaming platforms offer gamblers to play Indian Poker for free. Do not rush to immediately switch to real bets but practice first in the Demo format. It will help you understand how the Teen Patti game works, and what to expect from a real-money round to win the game.